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Wishes and Teardrops



Wishes and Teardrops, won't make her love me. She's gone and she'll never return.
Does she know how teardrops can burn, when they fall for a wish that can never come true?

All my wishes are love notes, sung by a dreamer, without ever making a sound.

But I always thought she could hear me.
I thought my eyes said it clearly.

All my wishes and teardrops won't make her love me. She's left me forever. But I'll wait forever.
And wish that my dream could come true.

----- The Daydreamer, Little Mermaid portion (1966)

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Spike: rarity.... I will never forget you. *Rarity was at the sea watching spike* rarity: spikey wakley... I wish i had more time to see you.... I promise we will be together even if it cost me *she said as she dives underwater and swims back home*