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Just some vent art... I suppose. I like the way Discord came out.

Crystals are hard, and cold. They are stone and rock. But they are also organic and slowly grow over time.

Also yes, That's a symbol for Fluttershy's element there in the middle.

Not really sure what's going on here beyond that.

Background is a bunch of textures:


:star: Thanks so much for the feature EQD :heart:


Fluttershy stared in horror at the crystals growing out of Discord. "Discord, what happened? What is this?"

"What? This?" replied Discord non-chalantly. "Oh, it's nothing to worry about. I'm just dying. That's all."

Discord suddenly let out a yell and doubled over in pain as another crystal emerged from his back. Fluttershy quickly flew under his arm to help support him as he started to sway.

"When did this start?" she asked him as she helped him to the couch.

"About two days ago, though I've could've been infected months ago. Years even," he said, gingerly lowering himself onto the couch.

"Infected? Is this some sort of sickness?"

"Of a sort. It's called the Deus Mortalis virus. The Spiritkiller. Right now, the magic in my body is crystallizing at a rapid rate and sending me to a very, very painful death. Overall, it's not an experience I'm relishing right now."

Discord flinched and clutched his side. Fluttershy looked at her friend with a sad expression on her face. "Discord, why didn't you say something sooner? I could've done something to help."

"Because you couldn't have. I've been trying everything to stop it or slow it's progress, and nothing has worked. Besides...I didn't want to you to worry..."

"I'm going to get Twilight," said Fluttershy, flying over to the front door. "She might know some way to cure it. Trust me, Discord, I will make you better."

"And if you can't?"

Fluttershy stopped and turned back to Discord who was sitting upright and staring intently at her. 

"It's better than doing nothing," she replied "I'll be back soon." And with that, she left.

"Nkk." A crystal started protruding out of Discord's palm. "I hope you're right, Shutterfly..."

by :icontrooper924:
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Now the Crystal heart does look kinda scary... What could have originated it and the magic that it emanates to protect the crystal empire? HMMM lots of questions. 
BUT, beautiful art! I really love the crystals, they look natural and the light passing throught them too! GIF Gravity Falls - A Pony (Celestabellebethabell) poor Discord though ( again, lol ) 
It reminds me of the "disease" that was going around in guilty crown, an anime I watched. It was quite devastating. 

... CRYSTALS. *insert wild Sombra to pursue this poor draconequus* :iconsombraplz: 
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Thank you very much! :D I'm really happy you like it! And oh dear X'D Poor Discord having to try and cope with Sombra!
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I made a fanfic about this. Want a link?
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(It's not very good)
C-Puff's avatar
Yes please! :D
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Ah! Thank you very much! :D I liked it yes! Thank you!! It really makes me wish I could write some Discord fanfiction myself tbh. I've got other large projects happening at the moment, but even if I didn't, I wish I could get the passion and an idea to write another Discord story.
This was good! Thank you so much for writing it! ;w;
TheCrimsonJaguar's avatar
Uh... I know I shouldn't be bothering you about this, but I rewrote the story. It's a bit shorter now, and has a lot less typos. And in my opinion is less confusing. (I have been working on my writing a bit and would love some constructive criticism!)
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looks like a certen SCP got to discord...
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You know..... 
I have always wondered....
Where the crystal empire originated from.
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Oh! Now THERE'S an interesting thought!
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Can i try to make a fanfic?
PonySpark's avatar
Okay thank you
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first i thought Elsa attacked him. Why, brain, why?
anyways, this is a very heartwrenching fanfic and I'm genuinely concerned and invested in his physical state. overall, does he live? is he cured?
C-Puff's avatar
I actually have no idea XD;; if I had any idea I'd probably write the story myself 8'D *sobs*
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Instead of saying "OMG this should be a story", I'm going to say something else.

Can I use this picture as the cover for a story? Also, do you think :icontrooper924: would be okay with me using the idea from the blurb he wrote in the description of this?
C-Puff's avatar
I don't mind at all :D and you could ask them, but I don't think it would be a big deal :)
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Yeah, already asked, they're totally cool with it.

You're awesome.
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No worries :D and good good. :thumbsup:
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