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Dammit Discord....

I really shouldn't draw while I'm sleep deprived.

Two fruity Vampires! Get it?? GET IT????!!

(what the hell is wrong with me?)

Cutie mark:
Flutterbat Cutiemark by Sakuyamon

:star: Thanks so much for the feature EQD :heart:
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Wow. That Twilight Discord killed me XDDD <3
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"I really shouldn't draw while I'm sleep deprived."
If this is the kind of quality content we get from it, by all means please continue!
WickedHex's avatar
I've never seen Twilight. Thank god the comments were here!
C-Puff's avatar
Twilight is hilarious XD I almost recommend it.
WickedHex's avatar
Eh. I dunno if I wanna. Game Grumps Emote -EGORAPTOR CRINGE 
C-Puff's avatar
*cracks up* I approve of this use of Arin. :thumbsup:
Melani-Nexus's avatar
Discord rocks it better than Edward, that's for sure... And Flutterbat is the best batpony! Discord (yes) plz 
EvelynCat's avatar
I don't really know why the twilight vampires sparkle, but it looks cool on  discord!
KateTheGreat911411's avatar
I may not like the Twilight saga, but this is pretty good! 😊 
is it weird that discord being a sparkle vampire makes me want to laugh instead of groun like i usualy do when it comes to those kind of vampires
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Bleh bleh bleh!
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SPARKLY vampires, oh no!!  *runs*  Oh's Discord...makes the sparkles a little more tolerable XD 
FursonaKittenMittens's avatar
Haaa! I see what you did there XD
Mivabelle's avatar
I hadn't before thought it was possible to both love and hate a picture in such equal measure.
Obeliskgirljohanny's avatar
I like flutterbat better, discord should have go as dracula instead of edward cullen,
ZombieFX's avatar
*sfz* ...... some one had to do it eh?

one of ur finest for sure - to bad its ... kinda wasted on the theme - despite the nice joke.
*want to love it , just cant quiet do it !* arg :((

version without sparklin? a little more dracula *puppy eyes* pleeeasszze :< ? 
goldenheartaly's avatar
This is really cute. I like it!
ScarletPotter's avatar
just curious but....... is....Discord.....Edward from the Twilight saga???
C-Puff's avatar
YUP! 8D That's totally the same thing... right?
ScarletPotter's avatar
hahahaha yes it is!!!
disharmonyEQ's avatar
*grabs discord's ear and pulls him away while the mane six watch awkwardly* excuse me, you dont belong here Sweatdrop... 
SinjaAussiaAngels's avatar
Nice haircut, Discord! :3
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