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Time Scar - 98

By C-Puff
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In which we cut back to these two dorks.

tbh guys, I NEVER thought I’d get this far into this comic and not give up yet.

(We still have.... a long way to go 8′D We’re on page 27 of an unfinished script that’s already 80+ pages long if that gives you any idea)

Maybe one day I can get back to doing 2 pages a week. But on the other hand I DO need to make money to survive too 8′D

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“Is Sans Pranking you across time and space?...I Hate it when he does that”

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if this comic involves papyrus getting hurt in any way, i WILL resort to murder.

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love the last panel of paps
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god the way you draw frisk is so cute! 
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Yes, be irritated at Sans for that, good Papyrus. The way that cape flows in the 'wind' in the second panel looks so natural and smooth. And I am still in love with the color you use in the black and white comic style. That's so rad.
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Well, of course Papyrus, Sans won't tell u what it is, since when has he told anyone, anything, he is just not the type, & here I thought u know him.  Joking, by the way, Papyrus, probably, unfortunately knows Sans too well, enough to know that he has his secrets, & likes to keep them.
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Wowiiieeee, that's a long script, that's great!  I hope we actually get that much from the ever expanding script, story, & that this properly finishes, even if it takes awhile, & even if it takes awhile in between updates, because fans of a great comic such as this can hopefully wait.  Anyways, don't give up, stay filled with DETERMINATION.  Also, hope u can make more money, I will definitely start supporting u soon in the future, probably through patreon rather than Ko-fi, if it means supporting u helps u, & helps u keep creating this awesome, long comic, hopefully to start to finish, man seriously 80+ page script as of this page, absolutely amazing, it's great to see how much u are truly planning stuff ahead, keep up the great work, it would be good if u had a proofreader/editor of sort for this comic/script and other things, I mean u rarely make mistakes, but it always good to have editing and proofreading, & any other awesome Undertale etc. stuff, and any other stuff in general.  Anyways, good luck, keep up the great work, I look forward to each & every update & new stuff from u, can't wait for more, stay well & healthy.
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That description. It's funny because I just went "Wow, we're at page 99?" and see you saying the same thing.
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I have 9 different comics I'm following, eight of which are based on three different games or shows, and one original. It's nice to see one update when I refresh the page. It's like an overflowing sense of joy with fireworks going off in the back- wait no that's just my neighbors who still can't tell time. YOU WERE FIRING THEM OFF BY THE 30TH AND IT IS NOW THE 6TH. THE 4TH OF JULY IS OVER.
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*When you have 3 pages of links to comics you need to check to see if they posted.* 

Im going to die....

Good think I'm 1/3 done right?
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I'm exactly the same XD
MadiMakesBadComics4U's avatar
I’m not alone... YEHS!!
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I have very little idea what this means X'D
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It means I more then 30 or 20 more comics to check and that I don’t want to because I’m a lazy couch Potato.
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Ah I gotcha X'D in the case; big mood.
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They don't even know what happened. If Sans survives, he's going to get an earful from Papyrus for saying that he was okay and then not being okay in the long run. 
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This is just adorable. Is Sansy OK?
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Well, I feel like there's some resentment here...
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X'D a little bit yes.
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I seriously think Papyrus could be helpful if he knew what was going on, as well as everyone else. Sans is hurting everyone by not saying anything. But not once have I seen him TRY to tell. I mean, I know Sans is scared, but instead of suffering in silence, he could speak up.
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It's hard to open up and be vulnerable if you can't trust anyone, if you know it'll put them in danger or they'll hurt you
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Yeah, I know how that is.... Also check this out.... Do you know Invader Zim? They released a new trailer for the movie. www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOl4E5…
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Please don't be dead sans T^T
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