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Time Scar - 96

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In which reality finally catches up.

Some people were thinking the last page was Sans getting memories back... and although this is TECHNICALLY true... It’s more on a... physical level than “ I remember that happening yes.”
ie Sans may not remember. But his body does.

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i know hes not dead but im still crying.

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Welp he fainted.
Also to all the people wondering if hes dead, HE'D BE DUST IF HE WAS DEAD YA NUMBSKULLS! (hahahaha skeleton jokes)
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Frisk when Sans is dead:


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*Whacks on head with newspaper*
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Sans NUUUUUU!!!!!! kid ur gonna have BAD TIME
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Nooooo...NNNooooooo NO NO NOOOOO!!
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Oh nooo, brat what did u, Sans better be ok!?
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the subtle red where his fingers were was a nice touch
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I'm always impressed by how many expressions you're able to squeeze out of the way you draw Sans' and Papyrus' faces. Man, that black space in the background make the last panel look so deep and vast.
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Talk about a delayed reaction lol
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Scar: .....OH YEAH! PAIN! *does*
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(yeah... that's a good question.... what DID you do Chara?)
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is this like when you twist ur ankle at a marathon and you don't notice it until after ur done running
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X'D maybe a little bit. Probably a more accurate comparison would be, and I don't mean this in a meme way, a trigger. Our bad kid is talking about Sans being killed, and not to mention that sudden switch from smiles and jokes to a very blank, malevolent expression. It's enough to make something inside Sans "click" and cause the scar to suddenly act up.
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The last panel looks great! Is that a new method for trees you're trying out? If so, It looks nice, not to crowded.
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Nah, that'sjust because it's a long shot with a large clearing leading to Snowdin :) So there aren't as many trees close by and the ones that are there are far away. But thank you!
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