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Time Scar - 15

By C-Puff
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In which C-Puff Papyrus laughs at their own bad jokes.

Only one page this time. I'm really sorry guys. It's been a rough week for all of us.
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aww paps is too pure
ManyHappyWidows's avatar

Your Paps is perfect. <3

Kitty-ChatBlancN's avatar
lol papy isn't the best at making jokes, but he's the best at being cute
Winterfur-the-fox's avatar
I read the last panel in Squidwards voice
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Maybe Papyrus doesn't get mad about Sans' puns, but rather how easily he can make them. Why else would Papyrus laugh and be proud when he makes puns? He's not as clever as Sans is. Anyway I was drifting off...
DaWeirdOne's avatar
I heard that Paps aDOORS Sans’s puns. It’s just that he SLAMS to many on the table. Ayyyyyyyy 👈👈😎

(Pun therapy, everyone needs to try it)
TheRedstoneVideos's avatar
...., just a DOT to work with.
(probably terrible, im not really on the ROLL today TIBIA honest.)
Lizztale's avatar
I like when papyrus makes puns. It's less annoying bc he has a better sense of moment for them. Sans just randomly throws his jokes everywhere, interrupting the situation and annoying not only Papyrus but me as well.
Fransriara's avatar
The day PAPYRUS makes a joke is the day the world ends.
Destetra's avatar
Bruh. He makes a pun right when you meet him in the game. Remember?
Try to put a little more ‘backbone’ into it?
DaWeirdOne's avatar
In the fandom he hates puns (mostly, depends on who u ask)
Shujito's avatar
I just found this

I think you missed page 16 in the gallery (:
C-Puff's avatar
Oh? I'll have a look! thanks for the heads up!
Shujito's avatar
wonderful comic by the way <3
C-Puff's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
WorldWalker128's avatar
In Soviet Underground, Fish catches you!
Darkexxod's avatar
thank you for recognizing that papyrus doesn't actually hate puns, just how often sans makes them
DaWeirdOne's avatar
C-Puff's avatar
XD I'm surprised by how much of this game fans conveniently "forget"
Tiavik's avatar
i don't ever remember Papyrus ever doing puns in the game, but i see them all the time in fan comics, did i just missed them or something, because i would of thought he hate doing them?
Lalma's avatar
when you first meet papyrus he says "put a little backbone into it" and then laughs leaves the room comes back in the room and laughs a few more time
Tiavik's avatar
so papyrus likes puns from him self, as he can not do wrong in his eyes, but pretends to hate everyone else's 
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