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Time Scar - 108

By C-Puff
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In which Sans unknowingly saves a life.

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M.K. I suggest you listen to him for your own good.
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Wow! Your art is so beautiful!! I'm excited to see where this goes!
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That fanboy sparkled panel gets me every time. It's so cute!
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I need to know what will happen to Papyrus! This is such a good story. kaomoji set 1 9/19 

I am so happy I found that video on YouTube where someone dubbed your comic. I was so sad because it stopped in the middle and I just had to know what would happen next. Sadly, there was only your tumblr linked, but I am so happy that you're also uploading your comic on deviantArt. It's such a good story, but above all else your art is amazing and captures the mood of the game perfectly. Your portray the characters so well! When flipping through the pages I sometimes stop just to enjoy the art. I am very much interested in the concept of genocide and pacifist walking the middle road and becoming one. I'm curious for the next page! Keep up the good work! <3
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asdfghjk this comic is awesome!! Love your artstyle, it´s just beautiful, and I love how you draw the skeletons, also I´m loving how you´re portraying Sans, he´s my favorite character and you´re writing and drawing him so good!!
I stumbled upon the dubbed version on youtube, but it wasn´t completely updated so I came here and OMG I´m so happy to have discovered it!!! I´m so looking forward to the next parts <3
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Love this series. The thing about "Chara figured out a way to make Sans stay sorta-kinda-dead!" is amazing.
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I just discovered your comic and read it all in one sitting I am so excited to see where this story goes and I love how you draw the characters. 
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yeah how come cause your going to diiiieeee and hello c-puff its been a long time I'm all caught up my account had been hacked or so I thought then I found out I got to put my user a special way to sign in lol
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Please listen to your elders MK
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unknowingly? I thought he was purposefully trying to prevent MK's death.
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Well Sans doesn't really know much about that person's intentions. I'm not even sure he knows there's two of 'em.
AgentBengalTiger's avatar
He seemed to put it together when he saw the second kid come through. and he knows that the one human is killing everyone.
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I'm loving this so far :D I like that you keep Monster Kid in character by going gah gah over Undyne ^_^
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Just don't go, kid.
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what I wish Sans would do: Because when that kid tries to kill you Undyne sacrifices herself to save you and has her final fight and loses, now stay out of the way ya little SH!T
Ausans8080's avatar
A bit rude sounding, wouldn't it?
FlagraNightwalker's avatar
yeah, but the point would be made!!
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your work is so nice!
Cake-a-Tron's avatar
"Because you may or may not get murdered otherwise"

MK just stay there okay?
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Wow this page came out fast.
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I want to get back to how I use to be able to do these ;_;
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I feel like MK might not obey u, sans
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