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Time Scar - 08

By C-Puff
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In which Sans' major driving force in life is laziness.

I rather like that second panel. It wasn't entirely a pose that was planned but that's how it turned out.
Those smaller panels are tricky. I'm gonna have to learn how to use them properly. Oh and yes, I am using panel templates because I am terrible at panels 8'D I figured I might as well try to learn timing and breakdown before I try and fight with layout. I do adjust the templates as I see fit. it just lessens the work for me.
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he's like 
as long as it's less work, sure
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I love Sans in the last panel ^_^
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Aaaah lazy sans is the best snas
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I rather like how much more is being built into this conversation than we get in the game.
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Laziness is my life motive.
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lol that would b the reason Sans does it :3
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Haha, Sans, I love how you twist logic to your advantage. Sneaky devil. 

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Sansin the third and sixth panel - Gold! xD
He was always good at making excuses you pictured it well. I mean he counts out every step he would have to make to just capture the human
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XD I'm wondering how much of what he lists was true :3c
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He too cute coming up w excuse 
C-Puff's avatar
Yes he is ;w;
(Your avatar is really really cute btw :heart: )
Art-in-heart4va's avatar
great paurachan made it for me
she is really talent and skillful
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As an aside, I really love how you draw Sans. <3 He's freaking adorable, I just want to poke his cute chubby cheeks. X3
C-Puff's avatar
XD haha! So many people say I draw him cute but I honestly don't mean to make him that cute! I think that's just how I see him 8'D
X-I-L2048's avatar
I think it's the big expressive eyes and chubby cheeks. X3 Prime cute material there.
C-Puff's avatar
I have a Sans plushie and, honestly? It's like the cutest thing in the world.
(Except when its dark and his eye flares up which is creepy in a cool way)
X-I-L2048's avatar
fahysdfhkafjljfldj I'm so jelly, I want a Papyrus plushie so bad. T___T They look so adorable!
C-Puff's avatar
I have Papyrus too 8'D they're 1000% worth paying for.
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haha! I always draw him too cute by accident 8'D
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