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Time Scar - 07

By C-Puff
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In which composure is lost all around.

I was really stuck on what to put on panel 3, but now I quite like the decision I went with here.
Not much detail in these pages 8'D but that'll change hurhurhur

At first I was concerned about Toriel's dialogue here, because she's speaking as if she's anticipating a human leaving the ruins. Which, as far as Sans is concerned, is purely a hypothetical situation. But I realised that Toriel has had to deal with human children more than once before, and she has no reason to believe it's a situation that's going to stop (or get better). So in the end her dialogue stayed as it is.
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I remembered Eliza and Philip with the "i know, i know"
PHILIP!Papyrus's Tears 
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I love how u've shown Tori's feelings from the speech bubbles.
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why is the bubbles leaking???
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It indicated that she’s started to cr
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I love how you draw Sans the skeleton in all the art you doing this story it's wonderful. I hope I can still read the entire story it's wonderful I love the art and the story.and I like how Papyrus looks he's pretty cool.
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Wow I just love the art-style!
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Well Sans has not kill the kid but has been awful for protect them (I mean "sleeping" when Undyne is about to STABBING the kid?)
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That's so..so wow, how her speech-bubbles show how she talks and feels about it... really cool. And the part with "Because, let's be realistic, nobody is going to."...so sad and hopeless... But do not fear, Toriel! Sans is the perfect guy for such a task because, as you said, "no-body" is going to watch out for them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Well done! Cool alternation with the design of panel 3
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Thank you very much! I'm rather proud of those speech bubbles. I'm hoping I get a chance to use that detail again in a future page.
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hnnn!  so many feels.  and here i thought i died inside long ago....BurgerPants Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale 
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Aaaah thank you! 8'D That makes me very happy.
I'm here to stoke the coals of those dead feelings.
BurgerPants Emoticon Icon Gif 3 - Undertale 
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I can hear her voice breaking a little reading this...
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Oh that's good XD that's what I was going for!
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hahaha thank you very much 8'D
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;~; Aw mannnn... I love what you're doing with those speech bubbles....
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Thank you very much :D it was pretty much a necessity with Toriel being off-screen X'D
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A rare and fascinating sight of someone not thinking them and us, but hey, we're all living beings here, right? Even the assholes?
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Toriel is a unique monster who sees a child first and a human second. Which may or may not be a mistake in the long run.
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OMG, I seriously love how you draw Sans. By the way the details of the forest and the door still remain great and I like it more and more.  I'm definitely your fan. I can not help but admire your work with each passing page. This is a very emotional moment between Sans and Toriel. Good job. I'm proud of your work. ^w^
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Thank you so much! 8'DD :heart: I'm trying my best to make these pages look nice. And it's a good challenge to get better at backgrounds and not cheat them :) (although I still cheat them in many places >.> )
Thank you very much for all the support!
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