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Time Scar - 06

By C-Puff
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In which C-Puff couldn't find a proper onomatopoeia for taking a deep breath before talking.

And Sans completely lacks tact. So hey it turns out having a character completely off screen can be tricky 8'D I quite like this page though.
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-inhale- might work as an onomatopoeia for taking a deep breath before talking

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Hes wearing shoess

I just noticed that

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Sans, your a FRICKIN HUMAN SKELITON!!!! YOU COULD HAVE BEEN ONE YOURSELF ONCE YOU KNOW!!! (Referencing from other theories)  
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I'll stop spamming WELL YALL GET SOME MEELK! now okay?

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Omg his face in panel 3 is priceless
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It reminds me of whenever Charlie Brown does something wrong again.
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thanks so much XD
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Np, XD

Your sans is great 👍
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lol she is dead serious Sansy
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xDD "You serious?" 
Aww that was fun to look at. The 3rd panel didn't even need bubbles like "..." to get what was going on on his mind. I literally hear how he unbelievable says "you serious"  xD
Also Backgrounds on top!
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Haha! Thanks! :D I actually had "..." in the script for panel 3 but when I drew it I didn't think I needed to use it.
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Right so xD A lot of artists forget that pictures should give more evidence than to put lots of  speeches in it.
Are you working (job) already or in some kind of school?
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I was working as an animator for a long time, but at the moment I'm trying to make a living as a freelance artist (it's very hard).
But I've been to animation college before that and had formal training :D
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Wow! :0 *o* That has to be really hard, I hope it's enough for every need of you. It's a risk and I really respect that you're doing this and still enjoy it. Man, you're even doing a free comic series and share it with us! Thank you <3

What did you animate back then? :3
Oh, and wouldn't you want to add it to your comissions?
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Thank you very much ;w; I'm trying very hard. It's not coming together that well yet but I'm making plans all the time to make things easier.

I was working mainly on animated videos for companies to show their employees how to sell their product and stuff XD not very exciting. I did do some video game animations but just for mobile games.
Commissions are closed until a week or so from now, then I'll open them up again :D
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I wish you great success!!

Ah xD For which mobile games did you make some animations? Do you recommend them? ;P I would like to see your animations :D
Oh so you do animation-commissions. Didn't see it, sorry :'D
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