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Time Scar - 05

By C-Puff
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In which some things are learned.

THANK you, Sans. Now word balloon placement should be easier on me 8'D
But seriously, he's also shifting to focus better on the door. Not just because I was getting frustrated. Nope. Not at all.
Although I will say I'm really into that third panel >.>
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Hey author Im really sorry about spamming your notifications with WELL YALL GET SOME MEELK!
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I try not to let them get pass me but being a skeleton you can say they pass right THROUGH ME
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Did you draw the second panel again? :o It looks like it. Why didn't you copy the first one into the second panel as well? Or did I miss something?
I really like the third panel x3 Do you have problems with anatomy sometimes? 'cause I have and yours are looking really good. How do you manage to do so?
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X'D I don't know why I didn't just copy the first panel. I think  I had something in mind for what it would look like but it didn't get there exactly the way i wanted.
And yes, I have problems with anatomy often ;w; But I make a lot of rough drawings before I make a nice clean drawing of a pose, and I keep adjusting it even when I clean it up.
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Ah ok xD
Really? : o Because they seem quite perfect in the outcome xD  Oh so you only draw digital?
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gah, you're artwork is so nice looking
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Awww, thank you so very much ;w; :heart: (there are so many good artists in this fandom I'm very self conscious of my work in comparison)
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oh, I know.  curse crazy good artists that both inspire me and make me feel like trash  XD  you do an awesome job tho!  keep it up!  :D
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X'D hahaha! Yup! Exactly! I get so sad sometimes when I see good art for this game. like "lol why am I even here! 8'D"
But I'm slowly learning to feel better about it ;w;
And thank you! :heart: I'll do my best!
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Well, sitting in one position for too long can make people feel antsy and stuff. Best to move around a bit :3
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Yeah XD and it's clear Toriel has something important to say. So best to pay attention. :)
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Oooh, here we go. *3*
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