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Time Scar - 04

By C-Puff
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In which the conversation takes a sudden turn.

I have no idea why, but this page I REALLY struggled with. Sans was NOT cooperating with me D'X and the PSD crashed at some stage. I dunno. It was a mess.
But I think the page came out alright for all the difficulties it gave me :D

Note to self. Next time, don't have a character have an extended conversation with somebody to the LEFT and BEHIND THEM. It makes word bubbles hell to try and place in order.
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sans looks so smol :3

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This is why yoU SHOULDENT MENTION THINGS YOU DONT WANNA TALK ABOUT IN FRONT OF SANS TORIEL!!!!!!*Angry Toriel Intensifies* *Angry Toriel Intensifies* *Angry Toriel Intensifies* *Angry Toriel Intensifies* *Angry Toriel Intensifies* *Angry Toriel Intensifies* 
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No Sans, curiosity killed the skeleton!
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Curiosity killed the kid. (aka genocide)
Oh well Sans you need to work on your argument better
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How do you draw such interesting and good-looking faces? How did you learn to draw these so suitable?
The speech-bubbles are funny made and provide variety 8)
Also I see where this is going ^^ (his promise, right?)
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Thank you! 8'D I guess I just draw with my heart? XD;; I draw an expression with what feels right and what feels the way I want the character to be feeling. Sometimes I need to redraw it a couple of times before it looks right tho.
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Whoops then maybe I need to feel more? qwq" xDD
Anyway I respect your drawings
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thank you very much ;w; :heart: I have had a lot of teaching and schooling, but that's just to learn the basics. With expressions I just try to think of how to show the emotion the character is feeling the best.
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You're welcome ^w^ <3 Seems like you're a pretty good thinker then (;
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Haha! Well thank you! :D
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You still on the MLP train? In case you dropped it due the lack of Discord, he appearead in the last episodes.
C-Puff's avatar
I am :) But I've fallen back more to my G1 roots. I've slowly been catching up with G4 though, and it's really improved since I stopped watching. However I still get aggravated by how much fan-interference is in the new episodes. It's really distracting.
I still love Discord though ;__; I want then to make an official Discord plushie!
I'm slowly catching up though :D even if G4 overall has started to lose me. Both because of the fanbase and the show itself's writing.
Redfields's avatar
Yeah, since McCarthy left to do the movie and had Haber do the editing and new writers make episodes, the quality of the MLP really dropped. But Larson in S5 made a great episode with Levinger about Discord goign to the Gala with Fluttershy and Confalone made a very fun Discord in S6 last week and also portrayed Fluttershy in a more assertive and fun way. I reccomend these episodes for both Discord and Fluttercord fans and even just Fluttershy fans. "What about Discord" in S5 is skippable episode as it isn't very good.
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I haven't fully finished season 5 just yet, but the episode with Treehugger and the gala was WAY too painful for me to watch 8'D I have way too much social anxiety to see that kind of thing.
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The newest episode have fun Discord who is also insecure and Spike feels bad for him.
C-Puff's avatar
That sounds like a good time, yes :)
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Ahh, the famous, I shouldn't, but...
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"I know this is gonna open up a can of worms... buuuuuut..."

Let's be honest. We're ALL that guy at least at some point in life.
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Despite the difficulties, the word bubble placement turned out really natural :D It didn't stand out when I was reading the comic, which is perfect.
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Your icon is made by an undyrus artist.
Now I think I can trust you.
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Thank you very much! I'm glad it reads well at least. Even if it was tricky to figure out ^^;
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Aw yeah, it's always troubling trying to put those darn speech bubbles in the right places ;w; You did a really good job though~ they look like they belong there, if you know what I mean ^^":heart:
(I haven't actually played the game so I'm starting to get a little tense now~ ;w; )
C-Puff's avatar
Thank you very much! X3 yeah the speech bubbles are really hard XD I'm not use to working with actual panels. So I have to learn how to use the space I have to work with properly, and how much goes to text and how much is for drawing. It's tricky.
And you haven't played the game? D: well this comic will obviously have spoilers for it. But I guess if you're reading you don't mind? Just a warning though X'D I hope you do enjoy the story regardless. And maybe at some point want to try the game yourself ;w;

(although if you're not good with bullet-hell games it can be very hard D'X even if you play as a nice person. Especially if you play as a nice person actually. it depend. Things change. The game changes how it works depending on what you do.)
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