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Time Scar - 03

By C-Puff
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Sans is basically one of those bubblegum wrappers with all the really lame jokes on them.

I rather like this page :D the third panel is my favourite. The second I put down the roughs I was like 'yeah! That's great!' and I'm really happy with how it turned out XD

Chances are if you've played the game you know where this is going. However, this event is actually important to the story. So I promise it's not just me wasting your time with stuff you already know. Also, it's important to establish Toriel, the door, and Sans' relationship to both. Because although, if you've played the game, you know what it is. That doesn't mean I can skip over it and expect later events to hold the same meaning.
But then again maybe nobody minds and I'm just making excuses for no reason. ^^;
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I see a bit of sadness on the last panel. :(
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I'm now relying on Sans to help me make friends with puns and jokes.
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Sans' poses are so well made, it's a joy to just look at your drawings, it never gets boring! :D And his shoelaces are unstrung xD And nawwe his sad face in the last panel.... :'3
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Thank you very much! :D I've never done a long comic before like this, so it gives me a chance to really show more poses and expressions than just pictures which I'm enjoying a lot!
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And you master it well 8)
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AWESOME!!!!! Comics is one of those things i wish i could do, but wouldn't be able to make it look very good.
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This is my first attempt at a longer comic ;w; so I'm trying my best despite not really know how to do this XD
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oh. Awesome for your first time!
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Wow, this is so professionally drawn. If it had more shading it would look like a real comic!
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you mean it doesn't already? ;D
I'm kidding, I know what you mean :heart: thank you very much!
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I'm half way between snicker and groan...
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Mission accomplish in that case! The best puns are the ones that hurt in my opinion.
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The detail in these comics is amazing X3

Also, yes; totally agreed that Sans is any candy with a joke wrapper :D Totally agreed.
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Thank you so very much! ;w; Although I'll be glad when we finally leave the door XD;
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;w; These jokes, I bet they really tickle his funny bones.
I regret everything ;w;w;
I really can't express how much I love how you draw Sans~ :heart:
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Badum-tish! Undertale Sans Brows Emoji
And thank you so much! X3 :heart: Hopefully I get better as time goes by and the parts that trip me up about his design will get easier :D but I'm glad you like my take on him already! :heart:
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Lol, he looks adorable, haha~
I have no doubt you'll improve ;w; comics are probably the quickest way to improve or something :,D :heart:
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I hope so ;w; I'm learning a lot as I go.
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Hey you gotta love someone who genuinely loves bad jokes, I mean sans is the most popular undertale character for a reason
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He's everyone's awful uncle/big brother/dad (depending on your family I guess) who makes you cringe every time they open their mouth but you love them to death for it any way even as you die a little inside.
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They are fairly funny.  Think of them yourself or find them somewhere?
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The ones on this page I had to dig up from the internet. (which is harder than it sounds believe it or not)
There's some coming up in future pages that are my own, though :)
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