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Time Scar - 02

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In which Sans is dating a door.

I finished this like MONDAY already. I think I'm gonna see if I can do 2 pages a week instead of 1 or we're gonna have to go for 300 years because I'm writing the script and streamlining the plot and SO MUCH HAPPENS in this story omg what have I gotten myself into???

But while I'm having a panic attack, here's the next page for now.

I can't remember if you ever actually see the other side of The Door in the game. You probably do and I just forgot or something. But the mental image I have of The Door is more based on fanart I've seen of it.

Perspective lol what is that?

What I like about Undertale is, if you've played the game, this one single moment automatically tells you where in the timeline you are and which events have and haven't happened yet. All because of a door.
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The saying "in which sans is dating a door'
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so far it has been successful

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Omg omg omg your drawing are so good and i'm such a soriel trash.
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Soriel! ok I now this comic maybe is not about this, I like this couple
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When u click previous instead of next on accident 23655665755 times ;3;
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I clicked on the number and it says “Send Message” “Add to Contacts” and “Copy Phone Number” , you just gave the whole world a random phone #. :’D 
Dont worry, I feel you bro, I feel u.
*pats shoulder*
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In one page you already can see the Soriel coming. Wow that was fast.
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. Is this Soriel? 
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If exchanging jokes, and laughing with people is only for couples, then everyone who can be married would be married XD
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............................................why...I mean
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LOL it took me 3 minutes to get the joke
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I think I sadly still don't get it xD
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Cashews. They're a type of nut.

They're pronounced Cash-who(s) in the English language
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Ohh yeah, sure ! Thanks x3
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I made that joke to a friend of mine earlier
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Well THAT was nutty joke!
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noooo is this soriel ;n;
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Its cannon, sorry bud
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Actually, Soriel is NOT canon. Even Toby Fox, himself, said that Sans was too lazy to be in a relationship with anyone.
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