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The Ever-Sun

Edit: Desaturated Twilight and Spike's colours as per suggestion :D

From the fanfic "Sunshine and Fire" which, admittedly, I haven't finished but I liked the chapter where Twilight and Spike are trying to find a way out of a desert... in a land where the sun never sets and they could be lost for "days" under an eternal sun... in a land where shadows are magically banned and so there isn't even any shade. It was very grueling.

I tried to shade it in the way I've seen other people shade really warm pictures, with a high contrast to it, but I don't know if I succeeded or not :hmm:

Anyway there you go.

Fanfic is here: [link]
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REally enthusiastic about this story.
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I hope you enjoy it :)
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I know I will.^^
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All I can think of is the Futurama episode "My Three Suns"
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Poor Twilight and Spike, maybe I use my magic to cold the weather for everyone!

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Why didn't I favorite this before??
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I don't know D: it's a little old, maybe?
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That's not an excuse.
Wow, Twilight looks really hot.

Now jokes aside. I like the mix between her face expression and sweat, it point out how hot and unpleasant the experience is for her very well.
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This is a little older but I'm still very glad you like it! :heart: thanks!
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Randomly came across this in your gallery without knowing you're the artist! Neat coinkidink. I'm slowly working my way through that fic, and although I love that Spike is on an adventure with one of his friends, it was hard to appreciate at first with all the implications that Spike wasn't anyone's friend, as well as the subtle remarks that further alienated him from the group.
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Spike and Twilight will get through anything, even if it means surviving the heat.
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I love such odd and brilliantly-executed ones.
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I have no idea what you're referencing X#
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OMG. Hello, I'm the guy writing "Sunshine and Fire," and I just HAD to create an account here to comment on the picture. I really wish you'd mentioned it to me! (Did it ever turn up on any EdD Drawfriends?) Even if you never felt like continuing with the story, it's really rather flattering to know that it inspired something, however vaguely.

I think it's a pretty damn neat picture. You managed to get across the oppressiveness of the heat really well - really viscerally. I won't nag too much about the shadow-thing, since it's really kind of a visually unintuitive concept and would probably make it look like the picture is unfinished/improperly shaded if faithfully depicted.

I know you didn't do it for me, but thanks anyway.

And for that matter... would you mind if I used your picture as the story's banner image on Equestria Daily and Fimfiction (properly credited of course)? The current one that they assigned me is serviceable, but a bit bland.
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Oh hi! :D
I don't know why I mentioned it to be honest XD;; I sometimes draw things but don't want to bother people all "LOOK AT MAH PEEKCHA!"
I am super happy you like it though! :D

And thanks XD; the lack of shadows was something I was worried about.

And I would be over the moon if you used this! 8DDD I had always wished I could draw a banner pic for EQD but never thought any-one would ask! X'3 I'd be super flattered if you used this!

Anyway, thank you so much for your comment! :D it really made my day and I am so happy once again that you like how this turned out.
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Excellent! Much appreciated! :worship:
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and to think the original couldnt have gotten better.. this looks GREAT
C-Puff's avatar
Thank you so much! :hug:
burt1712's avatar
heheh, your welcome :glomp:
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I love that fanfic. It's awesome. I could already feel the scorching heat emanating from the drawing although it freezing here in my country!!! Good Work!
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Thank you very much! 8D yeah I should really catch up on it XD;; but I've been offline for a while so I have an excuse :D I'm glad you like the picture! I'm in the Kalahari in the middle of Summer here which might have helped the drawing XDDD
...If there's no shadows, why is there shade?

I mean, good drawing and all, and I'm not sure if drawing as if the light source was everywhere while the actual light source is obviously from one particular direction could even be possibly made to look like it was drawn properly, but...

Oh, nevermind, magic is weird and my physics brain is exploding enough at the basic level of "no shade", I don't need it to explode twice. Aaand now I'm thinking about how even a week or two of continuous sunshine would lead not to an ordinary desert, but to an environment where the ambient temperature is above boiling point and fleshy creatures of all types turn into gruesome demonstrations of the fact that living creatures are basically great big bags of water.

...And now I just gave myself the mental image of that happening to Twilight Sparkle. I hate my brain.
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