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Tea Break

Confession; I am HOPELESSLY addicted to tea. We seriously had to make a special cupboard in my kitchen just for tea because I eventually had so many different kinds there wasn't any more room for it in the pantry.
At the moment my favourites are this strange Earl grey blend that has a lot of other herbs in it I can't recall off the top of my head, Peppermint with lemon, Stinging Nettle, and a sweet Rooibos with Strawberry. ....I'm probably gonna go make some now despite it being over 30 degrees C here.

I actually drew this a long time ago but I stopped drawing for a while and just never got to finishing it until now.

I rather like the end result :)

Floral stock from :iconjinifur:

...I really need to improve my shading and shadows ;_____; but I think getting back to drawing regularly first is probably more important.

:star: Thanks for the feature EQD :heart: and the person who submitted it :3 :star:
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Hi i have a question what kind of tea flavor are discord and fluttershy in :-?

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Angel Bunny be PISSED!

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awww! it's soooo CUTE!!!
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Ah! Another tea enthusiast! (My fave is green). I like this very much! Everything fits together so well.
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Thank you so much X3 Tea is so amazing. I have a new blend called Winter Almond I really love at the moment.
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Ooohh, sound sweet. Is it a black tea like "Winter Solstice?"
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Yes indeed :D which I sadly only realised after I drank some late at night and it kept me up XD;;
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Yup... yup. That's when you try chamomile or give up trying to sleep, lol.
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hahaha! True that! XD
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You can get marvelous things done at 3:30 am, lol.
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Lemme guess, Angel is not amused?
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Too cute! Makes ya feel warm n fuzzy when looking at this!
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ha, I made a fanfic based off this, called "Chaotic Love".
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That looks quite comfy))) And soothing!
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Chocolate mint ollang tea
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Its been awhile since I've had tea,
But I do love it, As well as your Art!
Angel doesn't seem to have sophisticated tastes though.
Must like Coffee more.
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What a beautiful piece.  Nice work!
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