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Sometimes when I'm having a bad time, I draw stuff to make it better.

I've said it before but to reiterate; Pandora is the only Draconequus OC I even give a crap about :heart: because she is glorious. I drew an OC appreciation for her a while back, but I wanted to draw her as an adult because of... reasons.... I guess.
I dunno, I just wanted to ok?

Some fun challenges with this one :D Discord is all muscle and bone, but being a girl, I had to soften a lot of curves and round out a lot of sharp pointy bits which was fun to try and figure out :D Also had to figure out a more appropriate pose for not being a dude. I also took the opportunity to try and suck less at bat-wings. I realised I have shockingly little practice with bat wings, and I was drawing them as I recognise the "symbol" for what Bat wings look like without properly referencing and actually LOOKING at what they look like. I'm glad I did this since I'm very happy with the result. I must practice them more, though.
I also tried to do better at cloven hooves, another point I've neglected to properly research. I actually look at deer hooves rather than Goat hooves for Dory because deer felt much daintier to me, something I was also trying to emphasise compared to Discord. I hope that was alright of me to do. (although, truth be told, I kept going to myself 'hurrhurrhurr Unicorn hoooooves' although I know that's not what they are.)

Her tail's colours make me think of Neapolitan Ice Cream. And I have none. This is very tragic.

And there you have it. I rather like the end result.

I used your character to cheer me up, :iconlopoddity: I hope you don't mind and at least like how I drew her :heart:
I kinda want to draw Cupcake at some stage too.

I just realised I made a mistake in one part. I'll fix it tomorrow. XP sorry if you spot it.
EDIT: fixed :)

:star: Thanks for the feature EQD! :heart: :star:
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