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Yes yes YES I KNOW she looks nothing like the original concept sketch! I KNOW! SHUTUP!
I drew this before I saw the concept sketch and frankly I'm happy I did because I like my version so much more! Or rather, I like her because she fits my personal version of Miyuki better. Besides! If I were a lady...( :bulletred: wait...what?) ...I wouldn't want to wear armour all the live-long day! Maybe these are her dress-robes, who knows :D

Anyway the reason i prefer this is because in my opinion the sketch doesn't do her justice. I wanted her to look reagel and elegant, befitting a queen. So there you have it, this is what was spawned.

Tsumi has, if anything, become My personal theme song for Miyuki. I can't speak japanese so the lyrics probably don't fit her at all but the mood of the song fits her whole story so well. Or rather Red's perception of it. The pain and anger of losing some-one who is as close to a mother as any-one could be :cries: DAMN YOU ZIM! DAMN YOU FOR KILLING HER! :shakefist: *coff*
Sorry ^^;

So there you have it. I hope you like her, even if she's very different from the original. Her dress was fun.
(Whaddya think Shadowiceman? As cool in colour as the line-art? ;P )

P.S. Why is it that the collective Zim fandom always makes her blue even if there's no such thing as a Blue irken? *is scared* :confused:
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Tsumi translated to English means sin
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She looks much prettier than the original design.
Jhfuyriutduyfiuguyr's avatar
she looks like a godess!! :3
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Oh my God she's beautiful! :D
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wow she's freaking skinny
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she's a skinny ninny
an't she lol
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Beautiful! I love seeing people's pictures of her! :heart:
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Shes Beautiful! Longlive The Tallest!
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Nevermind i looked It up On Wikipedia XD I Never Knew Zim And The Tallest Were The Same Age O_O.....Or Close To IT Anyways
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Who Is Miyuki? I Havent Heard Of Her Except In Your Comments
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Miyuki was the Tallest before Tallest Red and Tallest Purple. She was suppose to appear in the episode "The Trial" but Zim was canceled before she could appear. Concept sketches of her was released. She had no colour scheme yet but for some reason most fans give her blue eyes XD just as they give Spork green. for example:
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i love this pic but havent seen the real pic =p well i bet yours is better.
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thank you X3
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this is amazing!
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She looks so pretty. :]
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You're welcome. :3
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Wow she is very pretty.
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I want her earrings.... O_O

Wonderful work. The eyes really pop.
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thanks muchly, glad you like :D
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