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:star: ALRIGHT ALREADY GUYS!! XDDD Sheesh!! Now available on a shirt (and as stickers?) from I made an account just for you guys :) :heart:… :star:

You look like you could use some d'aaw right now.

I like to think that, because he doesn't really understand friendship very well yet, Discord associates Fluttershy with "This is mine. You can't have it."

Plus Discord is kinda selfish and immature anyway XD

:iconmlpdiscordyuno3plz::iconmlpdiscordyuno4plz: :iconfluttercuteplz:

Ugh. I'm still sick @_____@ I'll work on the commission I have tomorrow or so.
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Discord doesn't want to share his wife.

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Discord:  No touchy!

Fluttershy:  Meep.
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Awww. They look so cute in your style <3
Too bad you are not into the fandom anymore. They had a lot of great together episodes. 
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Discord, you need to share!  XD

Extremely cute.  Great job.  ^^
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Poor Fluttershy. Even she thinks this is a bit much.
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^^ that's so cute.
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Discord doesn't share!Pout 
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Can I use this art for a video please?
I promise to credit you :)
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Just link back and give credit please. :)
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I just love that discord expression
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I disapprove of you, young man! No one dates my mo- friend! 
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Cute!!! I like the interplay between them.
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Hahaha! oh discord :3 nice drawings
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I've loved this artwork for awhile now, and the latest episode in season 5 instantly reminded me of this due to Discord's behaviour :D
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I haven't been keeping up with episodes :) I'm taking a break from pony things for now.
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Yeah take and keep away that disgusting yellow bug from me, EW!
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Huh? Oh, you're in for it now, man! Discord's gonna git you!!!!
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It's official. Fluttershy is Discord's little pony. :3
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Mind if i not only...... FriendSHIP them ? XD i just love that joke

Btw You artworks are AWESOME !
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Thank you very much :D
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