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Late afternoon

I wanted to draw Lopoddity's character, Cupcake, but I couldn't decide what I should have her be doing. And I was severely stuck on this for ages. And eventually this is what came of that.

This picture was really hard for one specific reason; the entire time I wanted to give up on it. And my brain kept screaming at me to just scrap the whole thing because I'm a total and complete hack. I referenced a photo extremely heavily for this, and this made me feel like I'm a complete and utter fraud.

That being said though, I don't think the end result is all that shabby. :) even if I'm a hack, at least I guess I can kind of fake it XD;;

I need to do more environment studies.... or any environment studies tbh.

Cupcake belongs to :iconlopoddity:
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It's so beautiful !
Hang on is that brown twiggy thing a Euphorbia platyclada?
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very lovely!!!
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Holy hell, how did I miss this?

, this is gorgeous! Cupcake looks great (and I love the way you rendered her hair), but my favorite part is the background. It does a great job at conveying this moody sort of atmosphere. I love it! Thank you! :D
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Haha, probably because I'm a dork who doesn't notify people on their pages when I draw things and just hope dA notifies them on its own Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]

But yay! I'm so happy you like it! 8'D as I said in the description, it was actually a really tough picture because of my own issues. But I can say after time has passed that I do like the end results X3 so I'm so happy you like it!
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I find it really cool that you're a fan of lopoddity too :D

Your art is awesome btw :)
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Thank you so very much! :heart:
Lopoddity does great work 8'D
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yeah I totally agree, she's an awesome storyteller too :D
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Were you using the Dog of Bruges as a reference? Your drawing is lovely!
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uhm... *looks it up* ah! No I wasn't, but I was using an extremely similar kind of photo ;w; like I said, I'm a complete hack tbh.
I am glad you like the drawing anyway, though :heart:
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awesome! You watch her too?:3 Thumbs up! This is really awesome! Great work! ^^
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Thank you so very much! X3
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You're very welcome! ^^
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Well it looks like you are getting into the groove of things.  Yeah I know its like cheating, but alot of people do it that way.

Pony not amused.
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Thanks so much :) I'm trying, yeah.
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I like it, the background, reference photo aside, it's quite nice.

Ugh, 8 hours of idiots who can't figure out shopping for Christmas gifts 2 days.  And look at the grammar of that sentence up there that is the result.
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Thank you so much! ;w;

Ah I hope you're off now ;O; You're a hero, dude! For real! Medals all around!!
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Thanks so much! :3
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Reminds me of Maud Pie! :D
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XD they're related :heart:
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That's very sweet. :heart:
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