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I guess no-one cares

Oh good. I'm using fictional characters to vent. That's ALWAYS a good idea, isn't it? and TOTALLY not a way to make them OOC of anything.

Ok so this isn't a "boo hoo hoo. No-one luvs me." picture.
As I always do, I tend to post a lot of journals talking about stuff I like, and I'll draw fanart for stuff I like and on Facebook I'll share and talk about inane stuff I'm into or find funny. But more often than not very few people have anything to say about these things. Now that's not really a big deal. Whatever. But for some reason I've had this little voice in the back of my head for a couple of months now where, if I do ANYTHING that isn't like, mlp art which usually goes over well, it pipes up and goes "No-one cares!"

I'll write a journal talking enthusiastically about something and it'll pipe up going "no-one cares about this stupid crap!" or I'll get an idea for something to write about or to draw and it'll pipe up with "Who are you kidding? No-one gives a shit!"
And then, if I do put up something I'm passionate about or I'm talking about something in my personal life and it just goes by without notice, the most common line that goes through my head is "I guess no-one cares."

That little voice is really becoming a problem @___@ and don't take this as my way of saying "PEOPLE SHOULD LOOK AT ME BECAUSE I'M SO DAMN IMPORTANT!". This is me battling with an inner voice that's found a way to really beat me down and make me feel bad. My long time watchers will know I've been having a long battle with my inner voices trying to find different ways to make me unhappy, or doubt myself or just make me feel shitty.

"No-one shares your enthusiasm." "No-one has the same interests as you do." "No-one is interested in what you love to do." "No-one thinks the same way you do." "No-one gives a crap if you're unhappy about this." "You're being narcissistic in thinking it's something worth being unhappy about."

So I drew Discord.
Because at least he's a character with interests and likes no-one in the show cares about either.

Oh hey look! a background! Hory shet!

Sorry for being whiny guys XP I hate complaining about my feels. Sometimes I just need to address them or I'll go nuts.

:star: Thanks for the feature EQD :heart: :star:
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I Care for you Discord

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I Care for you Discord

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There There (pats Discord)

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Very relatable for me and a beautiful piece of work. :heart:
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God I know how you feel. But lots of people care about what you think. Don't let that voice get you down, okay?

Incidentally, this is actually perfect for Discord. If he won, he would have led a rather empty life, and nobody would seem to care, since they're all suffering under his reign anyways. 
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Awww I care :'(
Amazing work! Love it!
My first thought was that Kermit the Frog meme...
"But that's none of my business... ;D "
IDKY I thought Discord would be drinking tea though XD
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This is the background for my Chatting monitor. I love it so much. *hugs C-Puff*
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Thank you so very much! X'3 :heart: I still somehow feel like this sometimes XD
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i think he usual holds the glass with just a few fingers -like a real gentleman :D
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D: ...I think you're right, yes.
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I feel like that too :U
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I think a lot of us do :heart:
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For me, it's either descriptions, contests or commissions.
When my ask me something I already clearly stated in either the deviation or the description, I either ignore them or tell them to read the description :U
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I would be ever so honored if you'd let me use this as cover art for a fan fiction! You are such a talented artist, and I really love this piece! 
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Thank you so very much :D I actually drew this is a personal message of sorts when I was feeling a little worthless and that no-one cared about what I do or say at all. I'm not really against the idea of using it as a cover for a fanfic at all, however I think it would be nice if it could still be tied to that feeling in some way or another, you know?
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That's actually what I'm aiming for- it's supposed to be about Fluttershy finding Discord's journal (supposing he kept one at all) instead of Discord himself when she goes looking for him. He just... stopped visiting after a while, and she got worried. 

So it'll follow along as she reads the journal. I want to explore his thoughts and reasons behind what he does and explain why he's vanished and such. :b all those types of things. It's about FEELINGS, you know? x3

Let me know if you don't want me to use it after all!
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Oh yes. I think that would fit it perfectly then :D
No problem X3 :heart: just please link back and don't claim as your own and all that good stuff :hug:
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Thank you so much! And of course, haha xb As soon as it's up. 
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I totally understand you here, I have the exact same nagging voices inside my head too. Like if no one really comments on my artwork even if they favourite it, I still think no one cares, or if I'm doing something random and I get no responses I always get this same voice in my head saying 'no-one cares' or 'they're not your true friends since they don't care about how you feel about this or that' or even 'what's the point in this crap? no-one cares so it's best not to bother with it anyway' 

Sometimes I just feel like I go so low because of these horrible voices trying to put me down all the time.
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