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Has anypony seen Flam?

Flim is dismayed. When his twin seems to fall off the face of the earth, he realises he has no friends to turn to for help. Would Applejack and the others turn away a pony who needs help? Even if they're..... ...*flails hand* ....Flim?

Fanfic. Now. GIMME 

I actually really like Flim and Flam. But then I have a soft spot for old school musicals. And I like the movie "The Music Man" which is basically the movie they both fell out of apparently.

Flim you are so skinny!! I can't draw you that skinny!! It's hard!! @____@

cutie mark: Flim Flam Brothers Cutie Marks by PixelKitties

:star: Thank you for the feature EQD. You guys spoil me :heart:
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aaaaw, cute and sad little one. I'll hug you!

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This is really, really cute. I love Flim, despite how jerky he is in the show. That's probably why I made my story with him. =D Like you said, I guess great minds think alike!
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It's shocking how many times I have uttered this sentence since I started following your stuff...
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Not a good idea to pull a scam on Queen Chrysalis, eh, Flam?
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Now there's an idea :plotting:
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Chrysalis: Right you are. This day is going to be perfect!
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This has the potential to be a really good story. I can see Applejack and the others helping Flim out once they realize that he truly is worried about his brother Flam and have no idea where he is. After all, Flim and Flam may not be the greatest of ponies considering what they have done in the past but I can't see them turning someone down who is truly in need of help. Plus this could be for a good potential mystery as they try to figure out what had happen to Flam and some potential character growth and bonding mixed in. 
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something similar happened in the comic
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Oh? Which one?
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the official "My Little Pony: Friends Forever" (the third comic series, next to the regular MLP:FiM comic series, or the Micro-Series, while the MLP:FiM comic focusses on ongoing stories, MLP:FF features one-shot stories, mostly about secondary or  minor characters, like Discord or Zecora)

The most recent issue was about Granny Smith and the Flim Flam brothers
In it, the brothers end-up at each other's throats, and part ways, only to realize how pathetic they are on their own
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I found it! Thank you so very much! :D
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"Oh, Flam? He's flailing about and screaming over there; we set him on fire."


"Relax, it's a prank. We used faerie-fire, not real fire; lights him up good with magical flames without actually hurting him. He might be afraid of anything that has to do with fire for a while afterwards, though, like cooking."
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Poor Flam :c flower sandwiches for a while then.
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"But...WHY?! Why would you do something sp horrible?!"
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"Your idiot brother should had known better than trying to scam the son of a Canterlot noble! Especially one who has no qualms in putting plebs in their places."
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Flim: "And one who's likely going to go to prison for attempted murder, since you, my good stallion, just blabbed about that little debacle in front of a crowd of witnesses." [Gestures to a surrounding crowd of onlookers, who all look shocked and repulsed at the news poor Flam's fate. Even a few aristocrats are sneering.]

Jet Set: "Repulsive! Such brutality...beneath a noble!"

Upper Crust: "The lad didn't deserve that, even if he pulled a scam!"
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The all to rare hurt look you really nail here.
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thank you so much :heart:
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No, but arn't you that carnival fast talker guy trying to sell apples?
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:iconflimplz: ... ....*runs away*
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D'aaaww...!!! Poor Flim...! He looks so adorable, though... :heart: :heart: :heart:
Don't worry, Fim, I'll help you find your twin brother :meow: :meow: :meow:
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Thank you so very much X3 :heart:
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