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Grandia - Playstation 20 years on

One of my favourite RPGs of all time :D I erm... I like it more than Chrono trigger ^^; and probably even more than FFVII
I tried my best to portray this scene of Sue, Justin and Feena reaching the End of the World.…

Made for :icongame-art-hq: and the Playstation 20th Anniversary Tribute.
20 years man... DO YOU FEEL OLD YET??

This game, as I've said before, has the greatest theme song of all time... contending for the top spot with the Orchestral theme from the original Kingdom Hearts. But then again the KH theme has been a little abused in how often I hear it around the internet. :D
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Actually never played it till yesterday,  on the switch remaster collection. I like it a lot so far, I miss the glory days when great JRPGs like this were easier to find.
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Totally understandable!

Heck I played II first before I ever played any FF or w/e haha (but maybe not BOF)... And that has long been one of my favs.

I only recently started the original, and man I'm blown away by the music even more than II, stuff like Ghost Ship, Luc Village, and Battle 3 I find even better than the title still! (I suspected the music has a lot to do with your consideration... Iwadare is a damn god!!)
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Awesome!! It gives me chills when I think about the scene! and the falling down afterwards :D
C-Puff's avatar
This game is soooo good ;____; and I STILL haven't finished it. I need to get on that.
Justin-92's avatar
WHAT you haven't finished it?! GO PLAY!!!haha
Yesterday I restarted to play Grandia again xD
C-Puff's avatar
I know! It's pretty terrible of me! XD But it's still one of my most favourite games ever!
student-yuuto's avatar
wow this came out so great! *v*
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Excellent work in every regard, thanks a lot for participating at our Playstation Project.

Now excuse me please,  Justin needs my attention again :-)
C-Puff's avatar
Oh thank you very much! :heart: and thank you for including me! :D
The-Quill-Warrior's avatar
Outstanding! Absolutely outstanding!
You did this game great justice in drawing this!

I also like this game better than Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII. Even though I haven't played either of them yet, I know for a fact that they will never top Grandia. Never.
Because not only is it my favourite RPG, it is also my all-time favourite game!

I'm so glad to meet another fan of the game on this site! ^^
FFX2player's avatar
Yeahhh I love Kingdom Hearts, but sometimes popularity kills a good thing.  Like Frozen.

Looks nice:)
Arwing's avatar
Ahh 20 years. That long. The memories I have are the Garlyle theme, the faces adjusting to the mood, spoken lines of dialogue, battle music and my fondest memory is watching Nana, Saki and Mio getting changed. Good times.
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
They not furry!  I'm so confused!!
and how dare you like something more than Chrono Trigger!!?

Must be a real good game to top that.  Perhaps I should look it up.
mortalshinobi's avatar
nice colorful scene
Earl---Grey's avatar
I love this image! Really well done!
I can't say I've ever played but I'm glad it inspired you enough to make this image! ^^
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