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Fun at the beach

Well.... this picture turned out more detailed than I really intended ^^; But I rather like how it turned out, so I'm not gonna complain :D It's been a while since I spent this long on a picture.

I hope you guys like it too.

You guys have no idea how much I love thinking up new ways for Discord to annoy the crap out of Twilight.

Tried some new things. I think it came out good because of it. I'll try and remember what I learned here.

It's the middle of summer here at the moment. And I'm going to the beach in a week's time! Although I don't swim in the actual ocean. I prefer swimming in the rock pools. But details! I'm excited :D We're going to go look for sea hares!

resizing this did something weird to the lineart. Maybe I'll upload a bigger version of it and just adjust it in DeviantArt.

:star: Thank you so very much for the feature EQD! You guys are the best :heart: :star:
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You have no idea how loud this picture made me laugh out xD Omg! Hilarious! Adorable! x3
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This picture is wonderful :D

LOL at Twilight :XD:
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That is brilliant.
You should be proud.
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thanks so much :D
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LOL take THAT Twilight XD
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This picture always makes me happy when I look at it <3
C-Puff's avatar
Thank you so much X3 that's all I can really ask for :heart:
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XD OUF COURSE! hahhahaa
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Love his swimsuit.  That is exactly the kind of thing I could see Discord wearing.
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Haha! Thanks! Originally it was gonna be white and red, but I thought I'd use "his colours" and make it more interesting.
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Lolol! I don't Twilight's very amused XD I simply love how you did the water! Definitely looks looks like liquid and is nicely reflective ^_^
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Thank you so much! :D I should draw more water to practice it. Maybe I can think of something to draw next time.
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You're very welcome!
Practise makes perfect right? Maybe some time later you can create spectacular shiny reflective water that looks very realistic >:3
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Im not sure if Discord is trying to be kind to Fluttershy or a dick to twilight. Both maybe:?
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Can one ever really tell with him? :O
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Discord being a dick.:) (Smile) 
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I Love dat discord protected flutters XD Dats what i love in this pic~!
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I'm surprised Flutters isn't overprotecting herself with floaties! Good job with Twilight's mane btw!
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I think I might have wanted to give her some, but it would've been difficult to draw them with her pose and not clutter the picture. Maybe Discord is just holding her hoop for her? :D
And thank you!
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No problem! Usually in my headcanon, Flutters is very afraid of water.
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