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"Uhm... Discord? If it's ok with you, I uhm... I have a favour to ask. Could you please become friends with Twilight? See... She's an alicorn now and uhm... I think it'd be nice if she could have a friend who she knew would uhm.... always be with her, no matter how many years go by. ...You know... If that's ok with you....."

I like to think when he's not getting into Mischief, Discord likes spending some quiet time with his 1 and only friend.

Consider this my contribution to the "Twilight is now Immortal but her friends are not" trend. A little less morbid than the other ones out there perhaps XD

My headcanon is that Discord only likes Fluttershy and isn't friends with any other of the mane six and doesn't even get along with them very well. He is not enjoying this conversation... for multiple reasons.

CM by :iconblackgryph0n:

:star: Thank you sooooooo much for the header feature EQD! You guys've totally made my whole week :heart: and thank you to every-one who commented/faved! :D

:star::star: :iconhyperexponential: Wrote an accompanying piece based on my picture :heart: read it for feels.…

:star::star::star: For Russian fans, ~SKuzlBuTt has uploaded a translated version of ~Hyperexponential's fanfic :D here's the link:…

:star::star::star: :star: omg XDDDD
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what's wrong, Discord?