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"Uhm... Discord? If it's ok with you, I uhm... I have a favour to ask. Could you please become friends with Twilight? See... She's an alicorn now and uhm... I think it'd be nice if she could have a friend who she knew would uhm.... always be with her, no matter how many years go by. ...You know... If that's ok with you....."

I like to think when he's not getting into Mischief, Discord likes spending some quiet time with his 1 and only friend.

Consider this my contribution to the "Twilight is now Immortal but her friends are not" trend. A little less morbid than the other ones out there perhaps XD

My headcanon is that Discord only likes Fluttershy and isn't friends with any other of the mane six and doesn't even get along with them very well. He is not enjoying this conversation... for multiple reasons.

CM by :iconblackgryph0n:

:star: Thank you sooooooo much for the header feature EQD! You guys've totally made my whole week :heart: and thank you to every-one who commented/faved! :D

:star::star: :iconhyperexponential: Wrote an accompanying piece based on my picture :heart: read it for feels.…

:star::star::star: For Russian fans, ~SKuzlBuTt has uploaded a translated version of ~Hyperexponential's fanfic :D here's the link:…

:star::star::star: :star: omg XDDDD
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what's wrong, Discord?
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Might be just the way you did the tree, but I got a 'Calvin and Hobbes' vibe from this.
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haha! Thank you very much! That's a compliment 8'D
Maybe I did have Calvin and Hobbes on the brain when I drew this X'D
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"well, I mean, she's got Cadence."
"but they rarely visit. plus, you need someone who'll be there forever."
"if I turn you into an alicorn, will you stop trying to-"
"listen, I can't be an alicorn."
"have you forgotten my powers? I can make anything happen."
"no, I mean, morally I can't."
"well, why?"
"it wouldn't be fair to the critters. listen, I just don't want you to be lonely."
"lonely? that's just only with an 'L' in front. and there's an 'E' in there somewhere... I'm used to that sort of thing."
"well, I mean, I just... Dis, my time's running out."
"... what?"
"I'm getting old. haven't you noticed?"
"no, not really."
"you don't notice anything different?"
"I thought those gray hairs were from you worrying about me all the time! I keep saying to calm down and stuff-"
"they're not. I'm getting old. and... some day, it'll happen."
"what'll happen? you'll win a million bits?"
"no. the day will come when I won't be here."
"you're moving?"
"no. Discord, I'm trying to censor it and you think I mean something else. there will come a day when I die."
"... no. you can't. you... you can't just leave me like that!"
"Discord, it's not up to me. just promise me, when that day comes, you won't try to go with me, okay?"
"but I wouldn't have anything to live for. I lost one mom and I'm not loosing another!"
"Dis, please. be rational about this. if she were here, what would she be saying?"
"do you promise?"
"I... yes. I promise."
"thank you. I knew you'd understand."
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You might want to put an extra star on this making this picture a
Star!Star!Star!*Star! (P.S. There is a random space here?)
Star!Star!Star!Star!Star! 5 Star Rating, BECAUSE DRUM ROLL Your picture is featured in the Dramatic reading from the one and ONLY DR. Wolf :icondrwolf010:
Here's the link…
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yup :) I believe they asked my permission first.
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oh thats so cute.
This is my only respone I ship it like FedEx I ship it like FedEx :hotkiss Fedex shipping 
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It looks like Discord is saying 'I still don't get that 'relaxition' thing, Fluttershy. It's boring'
That sounds like a good Fluttercord moment that can possibly happen in the show. Discord loves chaos, but had he ever just 'chilled out' before? I love the fanart, it's cute and well detailed. I especially love Discord's expression, and Flutters resting his tail like the tree-branch he rests on.

This is been DrWhoFan611;
> Signing Out!
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awww i dont even like discord that much but i love this. in fact it makes me like him more cause its sooo cute ^^
C-Puff's avatar
Haha! Aww, thank you so much X3
Rei-gaia's avatar
you are very welcome :)
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All of your art is so beautiful!
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Thank you so much X3 :heart:
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I'm sure it wouldn't happen anymore. What's a princess of friendship without her friends? :3
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But that's the irony of it all. Plus, she'll always have Discord, right?
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Ohmygoodness. Are they in his thinking tree? 
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I drew this a long time before they ever mentioned the thinking tree actually.... but that was exactly what I had in mind when i drew this XD
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This is adorable :) My headcanon is that Fluttershy and Discord have a great friendship (and romance lol) throughout Fluttershy's life and then eventually it's just Discord and Twilight left sad and alone and immortal :P (Ignoring the other alicorns haha)

Faved ! :)
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Reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes. Nice picture ^^
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Sorry for this reply to an old comment but YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!
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