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Fluttershy and Discord by Fillyblue

:iconfillyblue: was kind enough to let me line and colour one of her drawings X3 Her Discord pictures are so cute! I love her linework!

They seem to be talking to some-one. I wonder who? :meow:

This was a lot of fun! FillyBlue does a lot of things different than me and it was great seeing and working with something different from what I was really use to!

Thanks for letting me colour it! :hug:

Original: Fluttershy and Discord by FillyBlue Go fave it.
And please fave the coloured version on her account as well. thanks :heart:
Discord and Fluttershy Colored by FillyBlue
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Discord looks really fuzzy here. I just wanna ruffle his neck.

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Smol fluffy Pegasus gorl has tea with big chaos chimera boi 
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thank you! ;w;
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i fixed it quickly with "paint"...
so if u use ur tools or well - i get out my other stuff... 
i think it would be a lot better (ofc thats just my opinion / idea of it) :d
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ps good picture. just her right cheak seems a litttttle off. 
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He just zapped in something fluttershy never seen bevor!

Discord: ...and this is the animal channel ....
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Heh heh this is a nice artwork of the two of them~
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Did you have any ideas what these two could be talking about?
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Nope XD none at all.
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I love the expressions on their faces
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Adorable soooo Adorable!!!
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Aaaww!!! I really like their expressions!!! :love: :love: :love:
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awwwww I love this :D
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 Cool Flutter shy and Discord picture it represents their friendship  for each other.fluttershy Discord 
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This is hillarious! ^^
I totally love it :D
They make an adorable couple ^^
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Thank you very much :)
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Their expressions are cool!
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