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Dragons at Sunset



My first submission from my new macbook! 8DDD I drew it on my old machine though, and on this one the colours look SUPER saturated D8 I hope it's not that blinding for you guys.

I have no idea what's going on here. I enjoy drawing big!Spike though :D I've been on a major Spike kick recently. Maybe because of his awesomeness in the season start.

Ugh. This saturation is REALLY bothering me in the thumbnail image here ;____; I really hope it's not as blinding for you guys. *sob* If it annoys me too much I'll try and tone it down a little bit.

I like drawing clouds. Maybe one day I'll learn how to draw them properly :D

Edit: ok, it seems it's just the thumbnail that's colours are crazy saturated, if you full-view the image it should be fine :D
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I agree, I think Spike gets wings when he's older. I don't know what your talking about in the description, your pictures are amazing!:happybounce: