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My mom asked me to draw her a picture of Nightmare Moon. Far be it from me to deny her :D

One of my pet peeves is that there's about a bujillion pictures of Luna sitting on the the moon looking sad.


one: Luna was not banished to the moon. NIGHTMARE MOON was.

and Two.. and this is the big one.

She was not banished to be ON the moon. She was banished to be IN the moon! There's a BIG DIFFERENCE PEOPLE!!!!

I heard some-one say that the reason people seem to completely ignore this is because people are either reluctant or unable to grasp abstract concepts like that and so simplify them. (I could make SO many references to the bible here but I won't)

Anyway, this is The Mare in the Moon waiting out her banishment.

I rather like how this turned out :D I'm quite proud.
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My first deviant art critique

This picture does bring the beauty to Nightmare Moon. People who like to stare at that the moon and star will even like it.

The colors, Dark blue, Lite blue, purple, black, white, and gray were use well on the picture, the blue and purple does fit the background show that space like feel, the moon is well details, we do see the craters. The shading is also good, we see both dark and light areas.

I like how you did the Nightmare Moon Mane and Tail to show both a glowing and sparkling effect.