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Every day I think "this is the stupidest thing I've ever drawn" .....and then the next day happens.

I've been feeling a little unhappy lately.

Cutiemark: :iconblackgryph0n:

:star: Thanks so much for the feature EQD :heart: You guys have been super to me lately!
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Lol. Dorks is a good name.
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Their friendship is simply cute :3
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They be dancing to the pinkie polka X3
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Aww this is really cute ^^
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My OTP :heart: This is so cuuuuute!! :love: I love it!
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Love this picture! ^3^
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Discord's face is wonderful :)
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Gabby Gums headline: Discord is a Dancing Dork. :)

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You're pictures are adorable and awesome :D

I just started publishing my first few fan fics on here and I felt a bit silly when I realized how incredibly cutesy and sappy they are ._. But I've totally embraced it :) If cute things make you feel happy than by all means, go for it! :D 

And in response to previous comments I have depression too, its probably the most common form of mental illness, if not illness in general.

 Art  is a wonderful way to take control of it. Cheers :) <3
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You can possibly mean that THIS is stupid. This is gorgeous and so very sweet! I love the happiness of this work. Well done!
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XD thanks. I feel kinda silly when I draw SUPER cutsey things. I feel it might be a little too OOC. But sometimes I need to draw things like this.
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Everyone does. Studies show drawing especially happy things will actually release serotonin from the brain and therefore make you happy. And this work is fantastic! I just love anything Fluttershy/Discord.
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Thank you so much X3 I tend to feel down every now and then so I really enjoy drawing things like, especially when I'm down. So that's very interesting to know!
And me too X'3 I love these two together, even though I don't ship them. They're so cute just as friends!
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I agree. I was off and on the Fluttercord ship for awhile then decided they were so much cuter as friends.
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They're adorable as friends X3 and I don't see why EVERYTHING should be a ship, you know? Can't it just be innocent and full of love and cuteness without adding romance?
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I can so completely agree. Why can't friends be friends without being gay or shipping? Like the relationship between Frodo and Sam. Why can't they be brothers or close friends?
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I don't know man ;____; It's ok to ship characters, but why ALL the characters?
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What you so unhappy about?  This looks so happy.
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I have problems with depression ^^; so it happens sometimes. But I don't let my mood bring down my art to always being gloomy.
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