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"Something feels.... ......wrong..."

Fangirls are always meanest to the characters they like most. It's the truth. I'm not sure why :stare:

Being mean to Discord is interesting because, seeing as he's an immortal metaphysical representation of an abstract idea, being "mean" to him is a little trickier. So it makes me have to stretch my imagination a little bit.

.....So... in case it isn't clear.. ..that is not a good situation up there.. although I have no idea what's happening XD This is one of those "make up your own stories" kind of pictures.

I purposefully went with a harsher yellow than I normally use (why do I use so much yellow in my art??)
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That fangirl comment is actually VERY VERY true. XDXDXDXD

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Discord's chaotic nature has been overridden with harmony.

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Is he an angel or whatever?
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Oh my, he doesn't seem happy at all.

But he's so.... beautiful.... :meow:

All glowing and heavenly. Heh, I especially like the shimmery scale-effect on his tail. :)

Lol makes me think of Falcor. :XD:
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Thank you very much :D I'm glad you like it!
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How do you feel about this beautiful piece turning canon some time later? La la la la Cause it really looks amazing, I wished it had gone like this, but oh well. 
In IDW issue 48 of MLP: FIM comics, portrays Discord being corrupted and turning into a being of harmony... Poor thing. He is kinda more scary and menacing than before, and they named him Accord. 

Your art really looks marvelous and I wished they had gone by an idea similar to yours. Heart Love 
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I had to check out the design after you mentioned it :D I'll have to read the issue to see what it's like story-wise. I'm not super fond of his design though X'D it seems a little... unoriginal? Like they didn't change his design, they just put him in a suit. And it's like from what I see they just wanted to find a way to make him a bad guy again, instead of exploring how it would affect him personally. Maybe they'll still do that but I dunno.

Anyway, thank you very much :heart: I'm really glad you like it :D
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Well,maybe they will explore how it affects him personaly, after all this is a 3 part-er! :happybounce: (I just love Discord.) I will not spoil you, cause I think it's a bad thing to do without consent. Sweating a little... but the 48 issue just aired, you can read on youtube I guess ( yes, it's true. I am a dummy!  ) and the 49 and 50 issues will come around december and january. The name is: Chaos Theory... I love the idea of Accord in general, but yes, they where very unoriginal with the design (Got rid of the cool mane and beard and gave the guy hair, mustache and a suit, lel). I would love if they really had corrupted him with harmony, like in your art. La la la la  but overall, Accord seems a little bit more maniacal than Discord. When you read, pay attention to his lion paw, it's a smal detail, but I think it's a nice one. 
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Thank you for not Spoiling it for me :D I don't like Spoilers so I really appreciate it.
I do hope they show some of his feelings about this. But a 3 parter is at least promising :D
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Poor baby.  :(

Beautiful creative!  You really stretched your imagination for this piece!

I hope that you have a great and blessed day. 
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Thank you so very much! :heart: I'm really glad you like it! X'3 and same to you! :hug:
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You're absolutely welcome, C-Puff! 
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I was really inspired by this piece and I really loved the whole idea. I wrote a short Fan Fic based around this picture, and with your permission I would like to post it. I will give credit and link to the picture
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Of course! :D You're absolutely more than welcome to! I'm always so very happy when something I've done has inspired someone else to make something too :love: thank you so much!
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Thank you. :) (Smile)  Here is a link to the story if you're interested.…
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Ah great stuff! 8'D thank you!
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OH crap that's a fact :tears: wow Corrupt Discord with Order interesting
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Hello, I'm currently working a fic called Non-Entity (It's an idea for a story by Alara Rogers but she offered up the concept for anyone to write so I've taken it up.)

The concept is here:…

 and the story (so far) is here:…

I've tried and tried to draw what I think is good cover art for it and I'm frustrated with everything I've drawn so far. :P

Would you allow me to use this pic as the cover art? I think it would be perfect for it (With credit of course!)
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Hey there :D
I don't mind as long as you give credit and to please link back to the picture here :) 
I'm glad you like the picture! And thanks. 
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Of course I will! I love your art, and even though I'm a shipper I love that you draw friendship art of Shy and Discord- after all, that's mainly what it's about.

Thank you! :)
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Oh thank you so much! :heart: I have absolutely no problem with shippers at all :D I often say if you want to look at my art and say it's shipping I'm perfectly happy with that. If people like what I do that's all that really matters. 
Sometimes I get some anger from shippers though which I don't really understand :c so it makes me very happy to hear when people who like a romance between the two still like what I do
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I don't understand people who try to force their ideas on others either. I don't care what people ship or don't ship. I wish people would be a little nicer to each other.

Sigh. Internet. :/
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I... I don't understand... What's happening to me? I... No, I can't be...
Discord, follow the light...
Oh, shoot! I am.. But I won't...
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I think it's the best from otgw
OTGW - [Wirt] Horrified OtGW Beast icon The Beast 
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