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Commission: Light Rain

Long long looooooong overdue commission for AlarajRogers :iconalarajrogers:on FiMfiction. ^^; I'm really super sorry this took such a long time to get to!! :iconrazycryplz:

It's a cover image for her fic "Light Rain" which can be found here:…
It's a good read :D although it leads to sad events later D: but it works as a standalone too.

I based the succulents on the ones growing by my front door, but I cheated and made the flowers yellow and orange rather than the bright pink they are.

I really hope you like it ;___; I'm once again so sorry it took this long.

Before any-one asks, no. I'm not taking commissions for large pictures like this. Because I take so long too get to them and then I feel bad for leaving it for so long >____<

:star: Thanks for the feature EQD :heart:
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this is just sooo friggin adorable. I love the flower. wonderful work!
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so pretty!   I love your art style!
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This is beyond gorgeous<3
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I despise Fluttercord with a burning passion but the colors caught my eye. Something about the setting is pretty aesthetically pleasing.
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Thank you very much :D
this isn't Fluttercord though ;)
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Well it's tagged Fluttercord though... But it's very platonic so it would make sense.
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I don't ship Fluttershy and Discord :) however, I don't mind if people want to look at my drawings and see them as fluttercord pictures. So I tag it as such so that people who do ship them might enjoy what I draw too, even if I don't see them as being romantic.
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how much for a commission 
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I have all my info here :)
Commission update! by C-Puff
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colour shaded two characters oc's
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Send me a private note and we can work something out :)
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sorry how do i send a private note
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That is a great story! One of the best insights into Discord!
DiamondLazers's avatar
I don't know why... but I just hate the Fluttershy x Discord / Fluttershy x Big Macintosh  shippings!!!
AlzMarioWolfe's avatar
Same. But mainly Fluttercord.
Alastia-The-Catpony's avatar
Discord is like a kitty XD
M00N-FRUIT's avatar
Wow this is beautiful, i cant wait until I get my tablet so I can add as many beautiful colors as this and a light rain affect. I love rain ^.^
Natsu714's avatar
Oh my gosh.
Freaking adorable.
Crazy freaking cute.

I love Discord and Fluttershy.
Well - I don't actually like the pairing romantically, but more like their amazing friendship. I don't know why. It's like I only semi-ship them, I can't consider it shipping because it isn't romantic. Ah well.
REGARDLESS, this is really well done! Man, that angle for Fluttershy... So nice.
AlzMarioWolfe's avatar
I actually feel the same exact way for that :XD: I ship Celestia x Discord.

this s definitely too big of a friendship to ship. It ruins it.
DiamondLazers's avatar
For some reason I ship Fluttershy and an OC that I made... I don't know why but they would just look so cute together!!!
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