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Collab: Story Gathering

:iconmickeymonster: was kind enough to let me colour one of his sketches :D Story Gathering by Mickeymonster

I added some detailing to the sketch which I hope was ok ^^; But like 99% of the sketch is purely Mickey's.

Personally, I dislike it when I see some-one who has coloured some-one else's (usually a very popular artist) sketch by simply adding flat colours to it. I mean... it's not BAD, but I always think "That's a shame."
So, because I know this is how I feel, I decided to put a little more effort into this than I usually do so I'm not just riding Mickey's coat-tails.

I hope you like it Mickey, and thanks for letting me play with your drawing :heart:

Also, the background is from here;
Throne Room Stained Glass Windows Background by tamalesyatole

So it's almost a 3-way collab haha!

I feel the need to point out Luna's mane is not a stock image. I painted that myself :P

I hope it's ok. My art skills still need a lot of work.
I didn't sign this one because the sketch isn't mine. But please don't take it and claim it as your own.
Also, please don't vector.

As always.... I should be doing commissions XP but I needed a break.

EDIT: I dunno if my settings were weird or if it looks weird with the dA background surrounding it, but I was unhappy with how green the picture looked. So I adjusted a few things.

:star: Thanks for the header feature EQD! :heart: and thanks to those who let me know of this X3 I never know when these things happen on my own. :star:
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It has some Disney-ish energy. hehe!
Great work!
RomanJe's avatar
What is the book about ? or it doesn't have any meaning...
Toxstaxes's avatar
sombras looking like "aint a damn way thats written in there" lol good job colourin
torielity's avatar
aAGH this is too cuTE--
you really did the sketch justice with your coloring! great job ^^
C-Puff's avatar
Thank you so much! ;w;
Agent-Cartoonist's avatar
:) Wow, they look so fabulous. Awesome work C-Puff and keep up the good work.

P.S. Can you please comment on one of me artwork too, please. It will make me feel so much better as an artist, if you did. Thank you. :)
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If it has sombra in it- its a masterpiece. 10 sombras outta 10 IGN
Lionroo's avatar
I didn't recognize the style when someone posted this on Facebook. Then a reverse google image search only brought up people favoriting it in their DA, then a leap to someone's account, and a search through their favorites for 'Discord' and it brought me back here!

On the original FB comment I wrote "Aaaaaaah! I can't stand how cute Discord is in this picture. I want to kiss him!" It's no surprise that you; the master; of drawing the master, did this!

I may or may not have gotten this on my left outer forearm… and Angel Bunny holding a teapot and a stopwatch is just tucked inside the forearm. You did a Discord commission for me as well, so, it holds true, you do draw that wacky, chaotic, danger-noodle, freaaaaakin' awesomely! 
C-Puff's avatar
Thank you very much :) but I simply coloured this. The original drawings was done by :iconmickeymonster:
Lionroo's avatar
And therein lies my fault of all faults. I don't read picture descriptions. *sigh* I think the term Foot in your mouth, should now just be called "Pulling a Paul" as I don't think I could have put my foot in my mouth farther than I had with this one. Wow. My apologies.
C-Puff's avatar
Haha! No worries man, no worries :D :heart:
Lionroo's avatar
Thank you, and have a good day. I just feel rather foolish. *^_^*
leebk201's avatar
This is lovely, apart from the fact that Tirek frightens me.
Chrismilesprower's avatar
lovely picture!!!
MessyDoodleSketch's avatar
Firstly, I LOVE this!!! Also, this is what I picture them thinking:

Luna: *sighs happily* I remember that...

Discord: Hmmm...How on Earth did they-? That must've been awfully tricky.

Celestia: *In purest bliss* And they had a very harmonius ending. *looks around herself smiling*

Sombra: How can it be? Tis interesting...and yet I have not read of any crysstaallsssssss...

Chrysalis: How interesting...Impressive.

Sunset Shimmer: Sombra...Is he a pony? Or...?

Tirek: Hmm...*scepticle* Their methods don't impress me in the slightest...This books seems to me as very biased. I'm not sure I approve...
GUILLE832's avatar
Soooooo much inspiration for a fanfic...
wolfjedisamuel's avatar

Take all these claps :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
SnapCentino's avatar
Whatever the story here, it is probably way too meta.
SonicBoomArtist353's avatar
AND then what happened?
And then what happened?
I feellike they are just gonna keep saying that when a cliffhanger comes xD
C-Puff's avatar
XDD hahaha poor Celestia.
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