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Kinda sorta but not really related to events in my "Chaotic Neutral" fanfic at the moment. Fluttershy and Discord got split up during a scary situation for a while and Discord was a little stressed out by it until they found each other again. He's gonna be kinda clingy and possessive for the next chapter or so.

I'm not sure what they're listening to D: probably Twilight telling them of scary things that could happen if they're not careful.
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He is just a little bit possessive, isn’t he? :giggle:
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Looks like someone has a security blanket... And it's a person!
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Discord is such a needy noodle potato. 
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I'd imagine he'd be clingy. After all, he hasn't had a single friend for so long, and he doesn't want to lose her. She's like his lovey, in a sense.
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His neediness is part of why I love him so much 8'D
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Awwweeeeee x3 this just too cute! I can just imagine this in an episode! Good job!
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Thank you so much! X3 :heart:
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That's adorable. I love it :love:
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The cute... Ahhh! Overload!.. Ahem. I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE how you draw MLP, especially Discord.
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Discord saw something too plain and hid behind fluttershy. :D

So cute X3
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OH~ I adore the relationship that fluttershy and Discord have together~ I really want to read your fanfic now~
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I'm actually reading it right now. It is excellent, really well written too! It actually feels like something that would be in an episode.
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Aaaww!!! Discord sure loves his Fluttershy! :aww: :aww: :aww:
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Discord: Huh? I don't see what you mean? I'm not scared!
Fluttershy: D-discord? Would you.... umm... loose a bit your grip...? I mean.. if you really want to...

Wonderful work
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Tee-hee. Tough Discord is like a little bunny rabbit on the inside. (At least to fluttershy, that is. XD)
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