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I posted up the last chapter of my fanfic today :D after 150 000 words and a year and a half of writing, I've finally finished it! It was a struggle, in many ways a much bigger struggle than fics of similar size in the past have been, but it was also the most fun I've had writing it in a very very long time. This in no small part to their readers who were kind enough to leave feedback, support, encouragement, critiques and anything else. It's probably the most interaction I've ever had with readers while writing something. I wanted to give some thanks to them, in some small way, for helping me so very much, just by reading.

I've actually been sitting on this picture for a week or so now, but I did not want to upload it before the fic itself was finished :heart:

The pose is rather generic. I'm positive I've actually seen this exact pose done by like 50 different people on deviantArt before. But despite that, I'm still happy with it :) originally, the blue background wasn't going to be there, and was only a placeholder for something else. However, after I finish the image and turned that layer on, it somehow looked so much better than just having transparency, so it's staying.

A very very sincere thanks to everyone :heart: :hug: and I'm too spaced out to think of what else to write.…

:star: Thanks so much for the feature EQD :heart: :star:
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I've read it 3 times (for now); deeply love your work (Discord is written very good, so is everyone else); thanks!
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Awww, well thank you so very much ;w; I'm sorry I never wrote another fic for Discord. I just could not think of a good story at all.
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Wonderful work on this piece. Story put in my list to read.
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Thanks so much :D I hope you enjoy it when you read it.
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Thats soo... I can't find enought good word for these... enought "strong"/something ... Thats so... :'] <3 Heart - Free Happy cry (Tears of joy) Cry forever 
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Well thank you so very much! X3 :heart:
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:3  <3 <3 <3  np <3 <3 <3 x) Heart - Free 
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Omedetou gozaimasu C-Puff-senpai :3 ! <3 
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I made a chart to explain why i ship them. "They look cute" is just not enough for me and i think you would uderstand my point of view.…
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I don't need to make a chart to explain why I don't. I don't feel the need to inject a romance to somehow validate two characters caring about each other, as if that somehow makes it mean more. Because, if you say it does mean more, then you are effectively saying that two human beings caring enough about each other they would move heaven and earth for them, is not meaningful enough. So your friends and family don't matter, because they're not your romantic partner.
I feel you don't need romance, to care for someone deeply and cherish them.
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This chart may be used for just friendshipping. is about explaining why would they work overall.

And you miss the point of romance. You may care deeply for friends and family but you can have plenty of friends and a lot of family members but there will always be one person who is special for you. Romance is to show the 1vs1 interaction with that person and show her intimacy that you don't show with other. After all if Discord is friends with all mane 6 then what is so special about Fluttershy that he woudn't do with Rainbow Dash or Twilight? Would there be no difference if he chose to have kids with Pinkie Pie? Unless you like polyamorous romance then there need to be something to prove that he cherish somone the most. Or the world would look like in those communist societies (or S5 premiere) where everyone loves everyone equally. platonic Friendship just doesn't show that amount of commitment as romantic love. Not in any country on this planet. I mean you don't really expect a single male guy who have a lot of friends and a family (borthers, sisters etc) to just live happily alone in his apartament? He shoudn't have a wife or kids because that would make other friends less important!?
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I'm afraid you miss the point of Discord's character in that case. He has no-one else, because no-one else is willing to give him a chance. Why give other people anything if they give you nothing in return. Fluttershy was the first and only pony to give him understanding and kindness, making her the most important person in the world to him.

If this is your world view, then I'm not entirely sure what kind of friendships you have had. This is not an insult, I just think it means you may not fully understand what it's like to be bone-searingly lonely, and have ONE person actually tell you they care, and how deep and important that person can grow to be.

Discord's character is not about falling in love, it is about conquering loneliness even when you are your own worst enemy. "falling in wuv" simplifies a much more complex psyche and relationship. And that is why I dislike it.
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Discord discovered friendship only recently. He may also discover love. I think you will understand it more when you yourself fall in love.
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That's rathewr presumptious to think I haven't, but then I was being presumptious as well so I can't really throw stones there.
What I WILL say if you don't want to hear my stance on the issue is this then; Making them romantically involved is cliche, boring, over done, and a very "Easy" way for people to write them. And I don't enjoy it. So I don't do it.
If you do, then whatever. But I'd rather do something I myself find more interesting and rewarding. So don't come and try to convince me of your thinking, especially if you're not willing to listen to mine.
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you will one day change your mind, but do what you want
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think whatever makes you feel better, dude.
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UAHHHHHHH :iconcraiplz:
dear lord this made my heart melt into mush ;;u;;
C-Puff's avatar
Yaaay 8'D thank you so much!
Leilani-Lily's avatar
No, thank you, for bringing this into my life ;;u;; :heart: xD
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Oh, silly me! I had completely forgotten about this fanfic. Still accumulating dust in my library, waiting to be read. Well, I´m about to finish reading another fanfic, I should be able to give it its deserved attention soon enough!
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Thank you very much :) When you get time to read it, I hope you will enjoy it :heart:
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