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:icondiscordishappyplz: Alicorns automatically get Princess-ship right??

Just to clarify; Discord is not a pony now. He just shape shifted into one because he can do whatever the hell he damn well pleases. Dance til ya can't no moe

There is a deviant called kazifasari who did a design for an alicorn Discord I REALLY like. I modified it slightly for this picture, but if you compare it to her's you'll notice the obvious resemblance. I can't think of a design I like more than the one she did so I'm not gonna try XD It's really cool.
That cutie mark is a Chaos Symbol I found online which I recoloured to match Discord's colours.

Twilight's Cutie Mark

I'm going to bed now collapse Sleepin'

EDIT: SERIOUSLY guys. The symbol for chaos was NOT created for Warhammer. Stop telling me it is @___@…

:star: Hahaha!! Yaaaay! Thanks so much for using my image as a header EQD! :lovesquee:  :star:
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Discord no😂😂😂