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After work blues

Poor Care Package. :saddummy: Hang in there, bro.

Lazy background, but then again since when is that news?

Care Package needs more fanart of him. He's adorable.

Cutie marks:

:star: thank you so much for the feature EQD! :heart: :hug: :star:
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i know how that feels

How you feel when you have a crush on a certain girl and you want to talk to her.....and see her nuzzling with someone. OUCH.

There's a reason heartbreaks like this are a common cause of depression and/or suicide.
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As much as I love Doctor x Derpy I feel SO bad for that stallion! :D
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XD haha. he'll probably ok :) :heart:
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AWWW.....poor guy :(
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I really feel sorry for that guy. Sad dummy 
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i know he's pain..
I feel bad for him, but I love the idea of the Doctor and Derpy together >w<
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Aw, poor guy... :( :( :(
I agree, he needs more love! Besides, he's really cute and has a nice design! :D :D :D
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I agree X3 he's really sweet looking and I love his red hair.
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Headcanon accepted.
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This made me sad.....  :<
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I'm sorry :c
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It's cool, totally worth it~
Yeah hang in there. You'll meet the mare for you someday .
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aw, that is so sad...look at the bright side: there are plenty of fish in the sea
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Too bad mares aren't fish.
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lol, Horses=Fishes. Let me rephrase= There are plenty of Mares in Equestria . Hope that clears things up, lol
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Oh I think I'm gonna cryyy I think I've fainted. 
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Don't cryyyyy! Really Sad 
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But it's BEAUTIFUL!!! Waaaah! Heart 
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