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A fog-ridden town

Silent Ponyville stuff :) Not completely based on the fanfic, but partially so at least. Personally, I would've liked it if the fanfic was more psychologically driven. it was up to a point, but I would've liked it to have been an intense journey of the psyche more than anything... but that's just me. Remember; Revolutionary Girl Utena is my favourite anime of all time. So take that as an insight into my preference for symbolism and metaphor.

I don't know if I got Pinkie's eyes to "pop" enough with this. But oh well.

I like how the colours compliment each other here :) Maybe I should've made the background colour just slightly greener though. I dunno.

Mood music (and one of my favourite brony pieces of music)

And link to fanfic in case any-one asks for it. Getting a link request ten times in a row is a little frustrating so I'm just gonna link it here, even if this isn't completely related to that story.…
It's got a gore rating on it though, so just be aware of that. But it's not too bad... but again, I've read some heavy stuff so my judgement may not be as strict in that regard.
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I really love Silent hill, great picture

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You killed her Pinkie.
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It looks really cool and all but the mouth looks a bit off. Unless she is smiling then it's fine...I guess?
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I love how you drew her eyes!
Ugh, this fanfic made me so uncomfortable watching Maud Pie, because she was the sister everyone drew bella... (however you spell it) as.
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very cute indeed
Woah nice color but its woah that is scary

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Simple, adorable, and very, very chilling when you know the context. :D
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Thank you so very much! :heart: :hug:
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I've heard that "I'm looking for my sister" sentence so frequently that I had no idea it came from a fanfic! Well, at least I know it right now... :P

Anyway, Pinkamena looks sooo adorable!!! :love: :love: :love:

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Actually, I don't think the line is in the story at all XD but perhaps it's been said a lot by fanart for the fanfic because of what happens in it. Like the "Beam me Up Scotty" line which was never actually said in Star Trek but every-one quotes it :D
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adorable for something from such a dark fanfic
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Thank you very much :) I seem unable to draw anything without cuteness sneaking in XP
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I've not heard of the fanfic (and if it's Gore-rated, that's probably for the best), but I really rather do like this picture. Pinkie's quite cute that way.
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Thank you very much :D
It's got quite a few gory scenes in it, yes. However I've read much worse. But there are a few moments that are quite violent. So yeah XD If you don't like that then stay away.
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>silent hill
everyday that is a foggy day, i am scared.
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oh my grod its adorable *explodes from cuteness overload*
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Thank you so very much! X3
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That look, when you think she sees something behind you.
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Or she's staring into your soooooouuuuul
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Nice! You can feel the dark tone of the drawing and I love how the attention falls on Pinkie's eyes!
C-Puff's avatar
Thank you so very much! I always feel you can make something dark without needing to add a lot of gore :D So I'm so happy to hear you say that! And I'm glad her eyes are the focal point! I really wanted that to be the case.
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I can't quite tell, is she a filly or mare there?
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