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WELCOME MONSTER RESEARCHERS! Cryptozoologist League and Wonderment Society by Mythka


Sound of Silence by King-Lulu-Deer Spring Chill by King-Lulu-Deer
Dedicated to the research and cataloging of monsters, beast of creatures that the faint of heart dare not investigate.

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[CLAWS] Crail by Ulario
Hoardasaur (CLAWS 04) by Mythka
Claws Codex - 001 - Njia Nyepesi by FeralGator
002- Bonebreakers by TheBluebellFlame
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[CLAWS] Spotted Plains Stalker by Ulario
CLAWS Codex - Noror Njola Daens by FeralGator
[CLAWS] Ohsohs by safyia110
Ketamakan by TheBluebellFlame
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Arctic Badge by Mythka
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Grassland Badge by Mythka
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CLAWS Codex - 005 - Guardians In the Fog by FeralGator
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Nelios by TheBluebellFlame
Mist Devil (CLAWS 07) by Mythka
Rainforest Biome
[CLAWS] Xox'uks by Ulario
Mockmoth (CLAWS 08) by Mythka
[CLAWS] K'ha 'ikien by safyia110
CLAWS Field Entry - Amgold by 99liberty
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Tundra Biome
[CLAWS] Crail by Ulario
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Claws Codex 003 - Taggatotik Mitsilik by FeralGator
[Personal] Lady Jae - Character Sheet by Ulario
Chattering in the Trees Field Assignment Due: Friday January 17th


Shake off those winter blues researchers, this weeks assignment has you taking part in exciting expedition to the tropics. You're welcome. The Rainforest is one of those magical destinations full of all sorts of unusual beasts, even if they aren't supernatural. We have gotten reports of a most unusual creature that no one has ever seen before. The description was vague at best, apparently it's some sort of "creepy crawly" as it were. Yes Sir Bitterbottom was never very good at identifying things. I would assume it's some sort of arthropod, insect or arachnid. It seems to be a social creature and has some sort of bioluminescence. It also seems to have taken a liking to shiny things and adorns itself with human made bobbles.


Biome: Rainforest
Animal Type: Creepy Crawly (insect, arachnid, arthropod etc)
Traits: Bioluminescence, outer shell, bangles

Reward: 1 Research Point
Next Field Research Assignment Due: Friday September 20th.


Researchers, a message has just arrived from the current captain of The Good Weather. The Good Weather was purchased at a considerable discount last year and has only been returned to port for repairs a half dozen times since we acquired her. All in all a sturdy vessel. It would seem the ship has run into some issues once again and is in need of assistance. The captain has warned of a strange beast lurking near the ship. The area is shrouded in a heavy mist so it's hard for him to get a good idea what he's dealing with. Researchers, do assist the captain of the Good Weather and be sure to document any unusual creature sightings.


Biome: Ocean
Animal Type: Mammal
Traits: Mist, Arms, and Accessories (Bits, bobs and bangles)

Reward: 1 Research Point
Next Field Research Assignment Due: Friday September 13th.


Break out those cold weather clothes researchers, you're off to the Tundra this week. Few have the fortitude for this harsh climate and fewer yet, take time to do in depth research. There have been reports of massive holes opening up in the tundra, some believe these to be natural phenomenon brought on by melting permafrost, but some have reported hearing strange sounds in and around these locations that could just be an unknown cryptid! Head out there, see what you can find.


Biome: Tundra
Animal Type: Creepy Crawly (Insect, arachnid, arthropod, Crustacean. etc)
Traits: Tentacles, Claws and Antlers

Reward: 1 Research Point
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