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There are 5 stats that will help your character in battle depending on what their division is and what their strengths are.

DAMAGE: Attacks hit harder, higher base DMG
SPEED: Easier to evade attacks
VITALITY: Able to defend against a portion of damage, higher base HP
INTELLIGENCE: More frequent counterattacks, blocks some damage and reflects it back
ACCURACY: Hits critical areas more frequently causing bonus damage


There are two base stats that all members will have regardless of their division. All members will have a base value for HP and DMG, primarily based on the VIT and DMG stat points. There is no base value for SPD, INT, or ACC because these modify HP and DMG.

Base HP:
120 base HP

VIT 1: +0 HP
VIT 2: +15 HP
VIT 3: +30 HP
VIT 4: +60 HP
VIT 5: +120 HP
VIT 6: +150 HP

Formula for calculating base DMG: (DMG stat points + half of highest stat) X division multiplier X 2

DMG multipliers (from lowest to highest):

Division R: ×1.5
Division Y: x1.5
Division G: x2
Division B: x2
Division V: x2

If you feel like you did it wrong or just don't want to calculate it yourself, ask one of the mods and we'll do it for you. We'll always have to double check regardless so you don't have to be afraid of doing it incorrectly. You can even leave it blank on the app and we'll tell you your values if you're really that lazy (no joke)

Your base HP and DMG should be written under the stats section on the written application.


Before you start battle, please write down or remember your base HP and DMG. You will have to log your battle if a mod isn't there with you, so please remember to subtract HP at the end of every turn.

The battle system is based on dice rolls from our bot on discord, it may seem confusing at first but we're willing to walk you through it!

The command for our bot is /r, so you would type this before typing out your roll. (Example: /r 4d4+18)

To make things more fluid and less confusing, please state the action you're performing before or after you roll.

Naturally, when someone's HP drops to 0 then the battle is finished and the winner is declared.

You can choose to forfeit the battle but you'll get nothing out of it.


There are many different ways to fight in Chroma, here is the basic rundown of how they all work!



Battles that take place in training are non-canon. Training is highly recommended if you're unsure about the battle system and want to test it out. You get no rewards for completing a training battle.


The same thing as training, except all battles that take place here are canon and participants are eligible for rewards. Duels are decided between members and may take place at any time between two people.


Story-related battle that all members typically take place in. Battlefield fights are canon.



Come one, come all, witness the true talent of Chroma's members! Chroma's most entertaining event, Tournament allows challengers to go against each other from a 1v1 battle up to a 3v3. Our special tournament system allows participants to pull off different tricks to catch their opponent by surprise. A special effect is also given before the battle starts. Good or bad, who knows? Hope you're lucky enough to pull this off! Tournament battles are canon.

Boss Battle

You sense an overwhelming aura in the air. You feel like something- no, someone is coming after you. Who could it be? It doesn't matter, you have to prepare yourself for something big!

Every now and then a boss may show up to take on our beloved members of Chroma. Bosses must be taken on by a group of people, whether it be division-specific or every division at once. Sometimes we may even tell you to form teams.

Bosses yield a multitude of special rewards, so be sure to participate often!

Boss Battles are canon.
More Journal Entries


Our group is primarily discord based.
Come join our server and chat with us!

Please join with the intent of being at least somewhat active, our group is not purely story-driven but it is member-driven as well. Your characters can make a big impact, and can change the outcome of the story more than you might think.




purity or intensity of color.

If you look far enough in the dictionary, you won't find that word. You won't find anything related to it, in fact.

But how did we find it..? That's a story for another time.


It's such a beautiful word, but.. What does it mean? No matter how hard I try and picture it the image won't form in my head. I don't think it's that important, so I guess we'll never know what it really is..

Well, that's what I thought.. Until the incident.

Without warning, our achromatic city was hit by a strange disease. It tainted our citizens with.. With color.

It was gorgeous, it was unlike anything we'd ever seen before.

..But why? Why did they have to do this to us?

Just because of this color.. They locked us up. They killed some of us. Even now, they continue to torture us..

How could something this beautiful cause us so much pain?

Isn't there anyone who will come and save us..?

Genre: Action | Futuristic | Drama | Fast-paced | Member-driven

Warnings: Character death | Violence | Mature language | Mild gore (blood)

This group is inspired by X-Kaleidoscope-X, a group that we thoroughly enjoyed just from watching quite some time ago.

All events and characters represented in C-H-R-O-M-A have no connection to their group and are exclusive to this group only.









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