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speedy redemption arc

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aaaaaaaaaaa jasper is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
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She sinks into the water all like "I'm so confused. Why are the diamonds here? Why is Rose Quartz here? What the hell's going on?"

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ZirconGirlStudent General Artist
I literally screamed when I saw her! Also love your art style.
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C-H-I-Z-U Digital Artist
thank you!!!
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brookellynHobbyist Traditional Artist
Amethyst: "hey sis" 😊
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Aww! My heart!
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HuntressOrdinaryHobbyist Digital Artist
She looks like a lil demon :3
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[Mario Emote] Mario is hyped. 
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C-H-I-Z-U, you have spammers/trolls in your chat here. Margaretlgomez and Andrew8tanoto.
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C-H-I-Z-U Digital Artist
haha thanks for letting me know! i reported the spam
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XXPaxtonXXHobbyist Digital Artist
Jasper! I love the horns uwu 
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C-H-I-Z-U Digital Artist
thank you so much!!!
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reijisakamotoHobbyist General Artist
That was fast.
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clubpenguin1Student Traditional Artist
so very awesome :D
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OutlastienHobbyist Digital Artist
I was crying when I saw Jasper
big Cheeto puff wife is back
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I liked how after she figured it out, it seemed like she was just more embarrassed about the whole thing than anything
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SirArceonHobbyist Writer
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bopperinie Digital Artist
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C-H-I-Z-U Digital Artist
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Cute Oni Jasper!

She probably learned that Steven is more or less Pink Diamond at that moment.
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C-H-I-Z-U Digital Artist
thanks! boy oh boy it must be wild for her to realize the kid she's been up against has pretty much been her diamond the whole time
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Presumbly she is not the only one.  If you think about it, it is a rather akward situation.
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PilloTheStarProfessional General Artist
For a collective 9 seconds. 

With no lines.
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Not a lot needs to be said at that point, frankly.
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Let’s see. She would say something like. “Rose Quartz!!!” “I’ll shatter you!!!” “You did this to me!” “You’re gonna pay!” “My army, where is it?” “What happened?”
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