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Patreon Reward: http://www.canterlotcomics.com.
So one of my Patreon Donaters,  C-Chell, asked that his website be given a shout out this month as a reward for donating this month. His website is called: http://www.canterlotcomics.com. Here you can find many fan made MLP comics that he follows from "Recall the Time of No Return" to "Chaos Future". If you happen to be looking for new comics to read and don't know where to start you can do so here. I recommend checking it out. If you wish to donate to my patreon for rewards or to help me out, go to https://www.patreon.com/ratedponystar
ESPAÑOL: Bien lo he estado pensando y creo que voy a cancelar el comic de HOPE ya que estoy aburrido de los ponis y ademas... Haha se la creyeron X'D Hace rato me ofrecieron la oferta de que HOPE saliera de DeviantArt hacia otras páginas y que más personas tuvieran la oportunidad de leerla, esto me emociona muchísimo, en este caso se publicó en una página llamada Canterlot Comics Es una página muy buena que se encarga de reunir la mayor cantidad de cómics sobre MLP tiene cómics en todos los idiomas, bastante organizada, paginas en muy buena calidad y comoda para leer las historias, muy recomend
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rautamiekkaStudent Artist
Saw your announcement at Canterlot Comics.

You could try checking up Derpibooru every so often for new material, like derpibooru.org/tags/comic-colo… ('All In Good Fun'), which is originally here on DA at www.deviantart.com/mundschenk8… among others.

derpibooru.org/search?q=comic%… gives a total 26 780 comics and comic pages with the 'Everything' filter.

I couldn't easily find you on Derpibooru, so if you need help with making the search sentences to your liking, feel free to hit me up. If you want my Discord I can give it in a note cuz I don't wanna certain ppl have it; I'm not in good terms with some.
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Thank you and sorry for the delay of the reply.

For 'All In Good Fun' I send the request to the author.

Also, thank you for the link for search, with this, I have a huge work to filter and see which comic will ba added.
I currently have no account on Derpibooru, you can find my contacts on www.canterlotcomics.com/Contac…
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rautamiekkaStudent Artist
Oh, by filtering you mean to find which aren't added. Well, that'll be pretty easy assuming the pages are categorized together under a §comic:§ tag: add a search keyword like either of these:


You need to totally capitalize the §NOT§ word so it'll negate (otherwise it's considered a normal keyword and will just break the search), otherwise you can use the dash.

Replace §COMIC NAME§ with the name of the comic, case-insensitively. All keywords on Derpibooru are lowercase, so the system will just make the assumption and turn everything lowercase before proceeding.

Don't add dashes, underscores or any other characters to the §COMIC NAME§ unless the name actually has those.

Alternatively you can replace every non-letter and non-number character with an asterisk, §*§, so it'll do the hard part for you. For example if you were unsure if 'All In Good Fun' had any funny characters between the words and before and after the name you could do: §-comic:*All*In*Good*Fun*§

But if the pages aren't categorized together under the §comic:§ tag, you can only negate other keywords to narrow down it some.

Another way to help yourself a little is to use the reverse image search integrated to the site. It's not a perfect helper, but if the page is there, it -should- be able to find it.

Don't be afraid to ask me for help, I'll gladly be of assist ;)
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Thank you for the information.
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MysteriousShineHobbyist General Artist
Hy, I started writing a mlp-related comic, maybe you would be interested in checking it, and maybe, putting it on Canterlot Comics? Here is it: www.deviantart.com/misteriouss…
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Thank you for your message I add your comic on the suggestions and I send you a private note.
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OvercreepHobbyist Digital Artist
Thx for the llama =)