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I am the administrator of 2 websites :
www.c-chell.fr/ for weekly newsletters
www.canterlotcomics.com/ a website list some (more than 1000 comics, and I add at least 7 new comics per week) fanmade MLP comics

If you want to draw Kimi or Chell, you can find their art and references on www.canterlotcomics.com/comic/…

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Umm, hello again, I just want to say, but their is a part missing from my blog, on your website

It’s is this part and it’s goes before the part that it talks about Tirek...

I’m sorry if I’m bothering you or anything I just wanted to give you a bit of a heads up.

Hope you can fix it and thank you for your help.

Noted and corrected.

If you see other mistake/forget, please send me in private, I can take some time but I always read my private messages.

Hello. I heard you put comics on Canterlotcomics.

Hi, yes, I'm the administrator of the website and I made this website to list fan made comics to make them available in one place and help to discover new comics you can't find easily (because the artist is not in your follow list or the comic is already finished and have no more visibility on popular websites).

Very interesting. Right now I'm doing mlp comics based off some of Thomas Sanders' vine pranks.

Oh, I see,is it "Pokemon pranks with MLP" ?

I just add a base for the suggestions : https://www.canterlotcomics.com/Suggestion/1747

(The first access show you the rules, refresh the page to see the real content)

I just create it before return to work, so if you wan, you can add a note to complete the suggestion, I will work on it on this evening.

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Hey, I was wondering if you could put my comic/blog on your website the name of it is "askassassin531pony", my Deviant is https://www.deviantart.com/duran301

But this is not where I will a do my post, I just have a few pages on it (If i have to post all the pages on my Deviant I will), I have a bit more in my Tumblr which is https://askassassin531pony.tumblr.com

My blog is still new and doesn't have that much just yet and I'm still in the process of making it better so somethings will change and i will try my best to update you.

If their are any terms and conditions I have to follow I will try my best to follow them.