Sol.Terra - Another World Art Competition

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To celebrate the recent launch of the Sol.Terra Complete Collection I have decided to run a multimedia competition in which you can win a Free Copy of the book for yourself!

This competition is open to both visual and literature artists.

The Rules

:bulletblue: Your piece must include the theme of aliens, other planets, or space travel
:bulletblue: You may submit visual art or a short story
:bulletblue: Short stories must be under 1500 words
:bulletblue: Multiple submissions are allowed
:bulletblue: You are not required to use the characters/locations from the Sol.Terra series (but you can if you want)
:bulletblue: The description must include that it is a submission for the Sol.Terra - Another World competition
:bulletblue: New artworks only
:bulletorange: Include a link to your finished submission in the comments below

Submissions are due 25 July

Judging will take place the following week.

You don't have to base your submission off the Sol.Terra series, but if you want to, you can find some inspiration here: Sol.Terra Gallery

Arichaea - The Soldier by C-A-Harland    Pia - The Explorer by C-A-Harland    Cal - The Psychic by C-A-Harland    Dajan - The Scientist by C-A-Harland   Sol.Terra The Cafe by C-A-Harland   The Lumaroc Bar by C-A-Harland   Sol.Terra Star Fairy by C-A-Harland   <da:thumb id="559078278"/>

The Prizes

There will be two prize draws. One for visual art, and one for literature. The prizes will be the same for both draws.
If you would like to donate a prize, in the form of points, features, or anything else, please let me know :D

First Place
:bulletblue: 1 copy of Sol.Terra Complete Collection delivered to the address you provide*.
:bulletblue: 500 points
:bulletblue: Feature on my page
:bulletblue: Feature on

Second Place
:bulletblue: 200 points
:bulletblue: Feature on my page
:bulletblue: Feature on

 Sol.terracc With Blurb by C-A-Harland

Important Stuff

:bulletblue: If you are the winner you will be required to provide contact details and a delivery address* so prizes can be sent
:bulletblue: Your contact information will NOT be used for any other purpose, or stored after your prize is sent
:bulletblue: Submissions to this competition will be posted online at with full credit given to you, the creator

*Prizes will be distributed by Amazon. Delivery addressed must be able to receive deliveries from Amazon. You can find more information here.