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I should have cropped the crackle transform a little bit more, the light is too deepened into the center. :shifty:
BoxTail challenged me to do a cross/spherical-less flower, here you go!
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May I ask how you get your colours? Do you make gradients externally like through UF or something or do you use Apophysis' gradient tool?  
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Nope, I use built-in gradients and gradients from packs that I downloaded from DeviantArt. :D
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Lovely blue !!
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It would be so great if it fits fullhd resolution..
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Ehhh too bad! Dean Winchester icon ~ free to use! 
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This is so beautiful.
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Stunning work Red Rose (Meaning: Love and Romance) White Rose (Meaning: Innocence, Purity, Charm) 
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Stunning creation!
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OMG!!! Favorite color combination!!! I just saw one of your older pieces, but this is soooooooo much better to me. :D  I don't normally view fractals on an extensive scale, but your work might change that. :heart:
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i loved the blue and purple color
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That Title describes whole fractal. Beautiful
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Strabello Silvia
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This one has serious magic. I like it.
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I'm glad you do! :D
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No, don't think I used foci because usually it messes the flower up...not sure about epispiral, it can be. :ponder: 
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