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July 24, 2013
[Stock & Resources] Spherical Plants Apophysis Tutorial by ~C-91 An excellent tutorial for a program that can look daunting to first time users!
Featured by Elandria
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Spherical Plants Apophysis Tutorial

:new:EDIT 07/24/13: OMG, THANKS A LOT TO ^Elandria FOR THE DD!!! :love: :love: :love:


:bulletgreen: Tutorial for Apophysis.
:bulletgreen: Minimum knowledge of the software required.
:bulletgreen: Crackle plugin can be found inside The Aposhack Plugin Pack.

In 4 days it'll be a year since I posted my first fractal! :la:
What's better than a resource to celebrate it? :la:
I got *tatasz's seal of approval. She and ~Tahyon checked it before the release. Thank you! :hug: :hug: :hug:

I had not enough time to make a spellcheck, so if you notice any mistake, you'd be very kind to report it to me (so I can fix it).

Have fun! :dummy:

:bulletblue:If you notice anything wrong and/or want to suggest something, please send me a note and I'll try to fix as long as I can.

:bulletpink: Instead of using pre_rotate_y on xform 2, you can add a linked xform to xform 2 (Xaos tab>Right Click>Add linked transform) with linear and then rotate it freely!

:new: :new: :new: :new: :new:
Thank you, *tatasz! :dummy: :hug:
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TylerPin's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial.  I came up with the following:  Dipped in Stars by TylerPin
julofi's avatar
Thanks for the tuto!
Bethdavies91's avatar
Hey, thanks for the tutorial! I used it to design this:
cedarlili's avatar
Lovely tutorial! Thanks for this:  Arctic Crystals by cedarlili
blaaaaakk's avatar
How do you make moving image with this program?? I've seen it done before. Thanks!!
C-91's avatar
Well, there's a script by morphapoph which allows you to make animations in Apophysis. :)
crypted99's avatar
wow great tutorial! i've done something with jWildfire, but im not ready yet! thanks for the tutorial!
crypted99's avatar
used it here:…
thank you so much again for the great tutoria!
Diserasta's avatar
Hey there,
Just made a flame using your tutorial. Bit shifty, but I'll keep working on it. Otherwise, I'm really happy that this tutorial exists. Been wondering how to do leaves in Apo7X for ages now.…
FunkyRach's avatar
In the step where we add blur 3d to add light everything dissapears ! not sure why

also I have the crackle plugin but am not 100% how to install this. Any help would be great :)
FunkyRach's avatar
How do I add the crackle plugin. I remember seeing somewhere that I should only add the plugin I want to use for the project but I am not sure where to place it?
CopperColour's avatar
C-91's avatar
FunkyRach's avatar
Quick question ( still a newbie) In your tutorial the screen images show the Editor and on the grid around the triangle are little dots... I never have these is there a setting I need to tweek.
C-91's avatar
If you click the fourth icon (starting from the right) on the toolbar in the editor window, you will enable the variation preview (which I assume it's what you're talking about). :D
FunkyRach's avatar
yes thanks. I will try the tutorial again. :)
kelmeloo's avatar
How do you save? I have Apophysis 7x 15C and all the export options are greyed out except Export as UPR. There's no option for saving as a PNG or anything. The ones that are greyed out are Export to flam3 and Export to Chaotica. There's not even a way TO save it as a PNG or JPEG. The only other save options are Save Paramaters, but that doesn't save the image itself. Also, I didn't understand the pre_rotate_y idea where to find it. When I tried the Add Linked Transform it just added another triangle and messed up the whole thing so I had to start over again. I also did not have the crackle variation and am not sure why my colors look very flat, when I changed both of them several times. If anyone could help me out with these many problems, that would be great. This seems like a fun thing to do, but I can't have fun with it if I can't even save the images....
kelmeloo's avatar
Well I tried rendering it and was able to save a png before rendering started, but when I opened it, it looked awful. Here is my png file for it.
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As stated in the description of this deviation:
Bullet; Green Minimum knowledge of the software required.
This means being able to navigate through the software and understand more or less what you're doing, a basic use of the editor (the bunch of triangles you're talking about) and how to set and start a rendering process.
To get started with Apophysis, I suggest you Starting Out: Learning Apophysis by ChaosFissure , which is the most recent guide I found on deviantART, and provides you with links to other useful tutorials.

The problem with your render is that it's a transparent PNG, and to solve it you simply add a dark background with a photomanipulation software (like GIMP or Photoshop) or you change the settings in Apophysis itself (by turning the PNG Transparency off). :)
kelmeloo's avatar
Thanks so much! I know I didn't have some of the variations that were in the tutorial so I know that messed it up and didn't know how to use gradients until after I had commented but I did figure some more things out.
SC2009's avatar
It doesn't work for me. I am using Apophysis 7x ver 14. I get as far as you saying you can see what it's beginning to look like in the preview. All I see are a few little tiny dots. I don't understand why it's not working.
C-91's avatar
Can you paste the parameters here? (Edit>Copy and then paste them here :) )
glister12's avatar
very good tut - thanks but mine is a kind of sphere!! I used J Wildfire so some controls not as Apop" x I will post it to J Wildfire on Facebook and give a link to here xx
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