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Hemispherical Apophysis Tutorial

:bulletgreen: Tutorial for Apophysis 7x.
:bulletgreen: Minimum knowledge of the software required.
:bulletgreen: Missing plugins can be found in The Aposhack Plugin Pack. (except falloff3 which was available at Xyrus-02 page but he deactivated :spank: I'll make it available as soon as he says it's ok, I've got da powa :flirty:
:new: :new: :new: is now available here: Falloff3.legacy)

A little tutorial I decided to make some years ago but then dropped because it didn't show enough variety. Now I think it's good. :)
Thanks to BoxTail for making some examples for me and for trying some weird xaos settings. :hug:
If you have any questions or input, don't hesitate to ask or tell me! I'm all ears. :D
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Underwater treasure

Thank youu! This is my try! <3

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Aha, thank you for this! I've been trying to figure out how to get this effect for a long time without overlap and ghosting!
malre's avatar
THX More !!
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Thank you so much for this tutorial! using just the 3 first steps i was able to create a number of interesting and unique fractals! very fun when you are a beginner like me.
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Hmmm, perhaps I should do some Apo's again. :D WOW - my want-to-do-list grows even larger. :D Perhaps in my next life or those following after I could manage this all! ;)
C-91's avatar
Oh but this one is not that difficult, I think you can do it! :D
Yeah, so many tutorials out there, but I wish there were even more. :D
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Here is my result. Thanks for this awesome tutorial ! :)
C-91's avatar
Thank you for trying it out! :w00t:
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Thanks for the tuto!
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Hi Silvia, I made this with your tutorial Apo-Hemispherical
Thanks again for sharing :iconflowerheartplz:
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Thank you very much for sharing

here one of my results Apo Hemispherical-blue
DopaseticDesign's avatar
Thanks for the is my result
highlandbarley's avatar
Thanks for your works!:D (Big Grin) 
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thank you so much for the amazing tutorial but I wanna ask you something how can I make an effect in hemisphere transforms?
C-91's avatar
I'm afraid I'm missing the point here, could you explain better? :? So I can help you. :D
Nis86's avatar
What I mean is, which plugin that can make a great effect in the Hemisphere transforms 3 & 4?
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Thank you! I'm so glad you didn't drop it. Fun to play with. But I have a question. Do you, or does someone, have a tutorial for that fractal-in-a-fractal effect? I have a blast with this program but I'm always trying to learn more. 
cedarlili's avatar
Thank you. Maybe it's time to play with Chaotically, too!
cedarlili's avatar
Oh! Oh, that's Eulerian paths. I can wrap my head around that. Thanks so much! 
cedarlili's avatar
And this is what I've created using your tutorial. I haven't tried the captured fractal yet.  Last Exhalation by cedarlili
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Thank you very much for sharing :iconflowerheartplz:
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