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Bridge resting spot

By bzartt
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Image size
1920x1023px 1.86 MB
Canon EOS 1100D
Shutter Speed
1/41 second
Focal Length
18 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Nov 24, 2013, 1:42:06 PM
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This is kind of like that movie "The Road". In a requisite post-apocalyptic world, a father tries to keep his son and himself alive, by constantly moving along a road. In my youth I have camped in similar places. Damn it was cold. Good image.
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Awesome background! I feel like I'm looking at a photograph.
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hehe, I used lots of photos !
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fucking awesome, man 
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Gorgeous! The atmosphere in this is incredible. 
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Holy fuck. The snow. HOW.
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find a photo for the footsteps, add a curve adjustment layer and color layer, fix values first with the curves. this also means expose, how dark is the darkest dark and how light is the lightest light.. then add color layer to match the rest of the snow color! I hope this helps?
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Well, I certainly didn't expect an actual explanation. Thanks! (And yes, it did).
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haha, I felt like it :p glad it helps!
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This is digital art? I swear it looked like a real picture from the thumbnail. The shadows and the snow are absolutely lifelike. Amazing work!
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yeh it is.. I carefully match the values to the right exposure so it looks real! thanks :)
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well, whatever you did... let's just say you know what you are doing and leave it at that ;)
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hehe thanks :D
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Almost thought it was a picture

Your colors and proportions are magnificent, but the one thing that sets me off is the pose of the old man and the boy. The boy's fine, but the old man seems to be squatting a bit too wide. I have experience with snow, and that is by far the most realistic painting of it I've ever seen.

You have a great idea on the dynamics of shadows and light reflections, and the out-of-focus pieces really make it realistic.

If I had said this differently, I would say 'Is this from a video game, or real life?"
Because that is seriously good work.
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Thanks! yeh I spent a lot of time looking at pictures that show the correct exposure etc and then try to match that! Its a lot of matte painting techniques used!
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Inspired by The Road?  Really great painting!
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Yeh a little bit ;)!
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