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Smookie the Librarian II

The Smookie Tiger in a simulated natural environment!

My first time inside the Seattle Public Library main branch - That building is a TRIP (and fun for shooting if you like natural light!)
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it's gonna be legendary library....
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:drool: :drool: :jawdrop: I want that kind of librarian at my library!!! She is drop dead gorgeous!
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Lovely. I'd sure like to look up something...
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Ha - she's in the book under "Perfection". (with a footnote under "taken") :)
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Ah, but like all lending library materials, if she's not returned there will be a heavy fine to pay.
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Taken out of context - I'd say that's true of all women. :)
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Very well done! Both images could stand on their own. I love the blend of colors and particularly the blue book being selected.
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Thank you!
I really can't take much credit - (although I did pick out the book!) - Smookie's just all a around cool!
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After seeing this photo, I feel like reading !
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Thanks for the comment and the fav!
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it'd be nice, if you skipped the convention of glasses, the most rad librarian I know, was known for being around books, why make something a caricature.
you really need to spell it all out like this, must be a librarian she's in glasses
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And perhaps, because it *IS* cliche - it's fun to take someone who *IS* a librarian (day job) and who enjoys shooting pinup styles - and just let it be a fun shoot?

And it was a fun shoot, Thanks!
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so snookie is a librarian...
sexy librarians are not a cliche,
depictions and caricatures of sexy librarians are
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I guess I'm missing your point, or perhaps you're just not listening.
We shot this they way we wanted, and we had a great time doing it, and one of the reasons we did it this way is specifically because it's silly/tacky/expected/cliche/corny - and because we can laugh at ourselves, and enjoy the irony/juxtaposition/cliche.

It's ART not an exam. Enjoy or Don't. We did!
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Yeah... I was saying that a LOT.
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i think i have some books i need to return. (grabs anything resembling a book and runs off)
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Ha- Yeah, Top floor, in the section labeled "rare"!
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i'll have trouble making it to the top floor tho, tripping over my tongue and all.....
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ew - it's all escalators - that's going to be painful and messy!
(The 4th floor of that building is ENTIRELY red Walls, Floor, Ceiling - So if you're going to bleed, do it there, it'll Blend!)
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i can flick blood everywhere and call it art!
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