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Too many awesome ideas and so little energy and time to get them done. Ugh. Designing next cosplay, doodling my way thru co-workers (again) and DMMD and KnB and Free and and.. Okay my head will explode now. Also writing few fics as well. I have no idea how am I maintaining this much hype but... damn it's fun!
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So much going on.. as usual. Was supposed to make Roxas cosplay for this autumn still but am not sure do I have energy to pull out that from my hat. In process of making Kairi's keyblade at the moment and it's looking pretty good. If nothing I'll just fine tune my Aqua and go with that as a friend will be doing Kairi at the same convention.

Haven't drawn anything sensible in ages. (you don't count oddities like BL doodles starring people you work with..... *cough* bad girl, me..*cough*) Probably should dig up the papers and pens from the closet but seems like my inspiration had died. Again. Haven't had the energy to even bake anything worthwhile since March! (did a Kingdom Heats cake for myself. Mwahaha.. was so awesome. And HUEG.)
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So it took me like.. two or three years to update my gallery when I said I'd do it 'this week'? Holy crap, that's a long week..

Anyway. Finally got my own scanner so yay, I can actually scan my drawings! And since I don't use any kind of programs on computer to have pretty anything to do with pics.. Deal with the crappy colors then. Hah~

Too bad all the good ones I have are too big for the scanner! XD Gotta try to draw something smaller, I guess.
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I am not dead!

I will... update this holy/shit hole this week. D:<
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I hate people who go oh, so over-ballistic over something that's not relevant. Honestly. Yeah, you're titled to have your very strong opinion but hey, what if someone else just doesnt want to feel the way your way should be? huh?

people are idiots. I really really really cant change my opinion about that.

Three pictures coming up, just dont have the time to finish the colors yet. Be patient kahvi, yes.. good girl. :D
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So, yeah. I did it! (well, not me.. saku actually) I got my first DA ever. Can't remember how long have I had the idea of getting here and never had.. Aaannyways.

I draw rarely. Very rarely.. Not nice but that's how it goes when you do nothing but go to work, sleep and occasionally get to go home and sleep some more in more pleasant company.. Oh well. Sometimes I get the inspiration too. Haha.

I've tried to inspire myself to try to draw some guro but.. I can't get the idea straight yet. I do have ideas (lots of them actually) but my mighty drawinghand is rusted badly. I CRY BLOODY TEARS FOR THIS. .. since I'd like to make some art that someone special likes. (I have huge problem with trying to create the kind of art only that he likes.. ahah.. I fail.)

DA means mainly stalking my old heroines of art. Honestly, those few have made me cry angry tears for not being talented enough to draw almost anything. But I'll try!

Erm, yeah. Something. :D