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The Fame Monster

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Rah rah-ah-ah-ah
Ga-Ga Ohh-La-La
Want your bad romance!
April foooooool!!!
Lol @ the icons!!! XDDDD I got a Lady Gaga one, which is pretty lucky, considering I like her.
So I figured out I should play a little trick on DA as a payback.
Seriously though, I like this Fakemon a lot. Just now I realized I should've done a prevo too, maybe named Babyga XD
I didn't know what outfit I should give her!! In the end, I went for the crown thingy from the Bad Romance music video (which reminds me of Nobodies from Kingom Hearts 2), and some random leather and lightnings.

Some details (I must be crazy, lol):
-Poker Face avoids status lowering. If a Pkmn with Intimidate comes out, its attack will be lowered instead of Ladyga's. Also, Poker Face makes her immune to infatuation and all of the moves based on charming the enemy.
-Ladyga is a female only species, and she's part of the Fairy/Monster egg group.
-In the wild, you can only get one Ladyga. Getting more of them is a breeding business...

Lady Gaga(c) to herself
Ladyga(c) me
Pokémon(c) Nintendo/Game Freak
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Wow ! very cool and fun 8o Can you do some daft pokemon,please ? I'm a big fan of them :3 
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Thank you!
I'm sorry, but I don't know a lot about daft punk, they're not really my genre you see. You can make your own daft punk pokemon though!
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This is perfect!
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I literally rofl'd when I saw this.

...There could probably be a male version called "Ale-alejandro" or something like that...
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It is reaaaaalllllly awesome and funny woud like to see it in a pokemon game,and maybe shoud have the burmy effext to change how it looks depending on where you catch it and/or the effect from sawbuck and change depending on season
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Abilty prevents stat lowering?
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Can I sprite this please?
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Of course, as long as you give credit to me! Also, I'd like to see the sprite, when you're done :)
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ok!can I use the sprite on my dex?
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Sorry for this "ok!can I use the sprite on my dex?" it was for another person!
Look [link]
Can I make for Ladyga a pre-evo?
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Oh God, I love this! XD
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Thank you!!! XD
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Wow! She's indeed a fame monster! :D
Electric/ Ice...that's not very common, so it's cooler! :)
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And she's proud of being one!
You know, it's even "cooler" because it's part Ice! Aha,, bad pun aside, thank you! I love weird combinations ^^
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Looks awesome!
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You're welcome! :D
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wow!! I love this pokemon too. I love this singer!!!
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Thanks a lot! I like her too!
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Do you know if she's got new songs?
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I don't even like Lady why do I wish this was a real Pokemon so badly?
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