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Warning: fat, mild slob
          7:18 pm. Thursday. A hushed female voice filled a dimly-lit kitchen. Car keys made a jingling sound as they landed on a granite countertop along with the plop of a purse and a coat. "Dan, it's arguments like these that support my decision.. The custody issue was final. No visitation, no contact. Call me a bitch all you want, we don't want anything to do with you. This is your last chance to stop calling this number!" Call ended.

            The woman exhaled briefly, smoothing out her blouse. She darted back towards the door leading to the garage, reaching into the golden-lit backseat of her commuter sedan. She heaved two warm takeout pizza boxes off the leather seat, closing the door shut with a quick bump of her hip. Clearing some room on the kitchen counter, she set the boxes down, exhaling again.

            The woman's name was Carla. She was a successful Human Resources manager at a company in the city she lived in. She worked long hours, but the pay was substantial and her weekends were plum free. Standing 5'4" and 130lbs, the 47 year old was the picture of health. Composing herself, she turned to the task at hand, leaving the kitchen to walk down the unlit hallway, stopping in front of the last door on the right. A faint smell of food and sweat diffused itself into the hallway as Carla turned the door knob and stepped inside. Her eyes scanned the small, rectangular room.  The wall furthest from the door was occupied by a blocked-out window. The wall to her immediate right housed a closet that overflowed with clothes, trash, and belongings which spilled out onto the carpeted floor. Finally to her left was the daughter whose life Carla provided for. She was fast asleep on a full size box spring and mattress. Immediately in front of the "bed" was a shoddy desk, computer monitor and tower. The remainder of the floor was littered with trash, as well as the desk and floor surrounding her bed.

            Carla gently rapped her fingers on the supporting wall. "Audrey? Auuudrey.." A huge mass on the bed stirred for a moment, the silence broken by the introduction of a soft, repetitious wheeze.

            "Mom? Hey.." Audrey answered back. Carla took her daughter's response as allowance of entry. She carefully walked in, stepping over years of trash and debris. A small, pale, plump hand emerged from underneath the covers to drag itself along the computer keyboard to wake up the monitor.

            It didn't feel weird at this point, having Audrey home. Carla's daughter was always quiet and reserved. "Bookish" was a good way to describe her, but dedicated to her school work. She was inspired by her Mom to get into the business field. Against the advice of her Mother, who wanted to her stay local, she took her Father's advice, and Audrey shipped off to the east coast to study business. However, the stress of school, responsibilities and her parent's failing marriage made for a catastrophic mess of stressors. Audrey started flunking classes, left her part time job, and eventually dropped out only a year in. As soon as she had left she was back home, only this time without her Father. The once-bright and plucky young girl had become even more timid and reclusive. Carla's suggestions of Audrey getting a part-time job or returning to community college were all met with half-hearted attempts. However, subconsciously, Carla was just elated to have her baby girl back. But Carla's affection and desire to enable her daughter's newfound toxic lifestyle overshadowed her judgment. As the computer's white monitor light flooded over Audrey, it revealed the fruits of Carla's misjudgment.

            Audrey was...big. Since the moment she came home it seemed like Audrey hadn't stopped eating. It started as stress eating, then evolved into pure hedonistic binging. Her first year home she put on almost 70 pounds alone. It was around then that Audrey stopped going out entirely. She gave up even half-assed attempts at making a life for herself. She shut herself in, using her Mother as a lifeline to sustain her need for food and solitude. Each new year saw Audrey falling deeper into a gluttonous, slovenly lifestyle. Carla was somewhat blinded by her need to nurture her daughter. She had seen Audrey so sad and stressed during her time in school that she never wanted her to feel a worry ever again. She spent more time working to provide for her daughter's increasing appetite. She bought Audrey a computer, a TV, video games; anything to keep her daughter happy, docile and at home. But the years of her neet daughter's fast food and video game binges had taken their toll, intended or not. Audrey was well over 600 pounds after spending over half a decade in Mommy's care.

            "I.. Just wanted to let you know I'm home and that dinner's in the kitchen.. Do you want to eat here?" Carla chimed. Audrey's eyes lit up as she struggled to heave herself to a sitting position, using the wall push against. Dents and holes scarred the drywall from where Audrey had used them to sit up over the years. The exertion from sitting up alone left the young girl breathless. As Carla turned to leave, Audrey peeled the sweat-dampened bedsheets away from her massive, shapeless form, using her other hand to feel out for her glasses. She slid them on, letting out a small belch as she scooted into a slightly more upright position. She drove her mouse cursor over to an MMO she was currently subscribed to, catching a glimpse of her reflection as the screen faded mostly to black while loading. Audrey's face was round and overfilled. Her skin was milky pale from years indoors, clashing against her dark undereye circles adorned from her poor diet. Her long brown hair was limp and greasy, her once-manicured bangs now overgrown well past her chin.

            "I got you your faaavorite!" Carla exclaimed in a lovey-dovey voice, carrying the stacked boxes in. "Two Large pizzas, extra cheese, one with pepperoni and one with sausage!" Audrey stared at her dinner hungrily, breaking her fixation from the computer screen to her new task at hand. She dragged one of the boxes closer to her, stuffing her face with no hesitation. Carla smiled warmly, looking down at her child. She'd already had to let go of Audrey once. She was going to make sure that could never happen again.

Just writing practice. I've read a lot of fat fiction but never published anything publicly. Give me critiques or tell me if you want to see more ♥
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meepop Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, really great job on this short story! You do a phenomenal job with descriptions, and delving into something people don't normally delve into.
byojaku Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018  Student Writer
thank you so much!
Revivedracer209 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
This is really well done. Quite a vivid picture indeed you've painted with words. 
Artanis12 Featured By Owner May 14, 2017
This is awesome! Reminds me of my own writing in that you paint a very visual picture of the setting as well as the characters.
TacoSpork Featured By Owner May 2, 2017
Wow....I came in here expecting something completely different. The "fatfic" visual parts were just as appealing as any other I've read but the rest of it painted such a dark and vivid picture of Audrey's world in her room. The open ending has my mind going in so many directions with this, it was an excellent read.

Would love to read more from you.
Mashuky Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Daamn. Fantastic story!
byojaku Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017  Student Writer
thank you so much!
texasjavelina Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016
   I liked the story, as it touches on some parents, who  don't want their children to leave home.
   There is a possibility for a variation on this. Make the mother almost rich. and when she has come
 home, one of her male former classmates starts coming over to visit. He starts to eat with her, and the mother
sees she might lose her, so she sets out to feed them both, so they become dependent on her. They end up
marrying, but now she won't lose her daughter, as her husband is getting too big to move out and start
a career.
mathieubrosse Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
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